Life Meaningful Admit It. At one time or another we have all needed help, whether It Is from a friend, family member, or even a stranger. And where would we be without the generosity of others? Most of us have helped someone, either for something In return or for nothing at all. For me, helping others makes me feel good, and scientific studies have shown that helping others will actually make people feel good. As the famous Fred Rogers once said, “What really matters Is not Just your own winning but helping other people win, too.

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Nothing feels better than seeing others succeed. In my perspective the best thing Is to know that I’ve helped a person achieve their goal and that meaner a lot more than any other complication I can receive. Helping others really does make one’s life more meaningful. Regardless of someone’s skin, religion, or origin, I think we are all interconnected. For example, what a person does will eventually get back to them, whether it is good or bad. In the famous fairy tale Beauty and the Beast, the prince doesn’t show kindness to a poor old women. She requests shelter and the prince keeps denying her.

Keep in mind that the prince had the largest castle and staff but he kept rejecting her. Sadly, that wasn’t the only selfish act he had done. He also had the power to make people’s lives really unpleasant. Since the handsome prince was being rotten, he was transformed into a beast by the woman he denied. This ties into the quote from Fred Rogers because as the prince was winning, nothing else mattered to him. He didn’t care about helping anybody else but himself. However in the end of the story, the prince did learn about love and kindness. When he learned to be more generous, he became the handsome prince he was once before.

Maybe if the prince cared a little less about himself from the beginning maybe he could have avoided the situation all together. But either way the prince had learned how to make his life

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become more meaningful by helping others. In the short story “Fury”, two main characters, Randy and Harrow, both struggled In their past. Harrow, he spent some time in Jail and according to the author, he transformed his life around. A few years later, Randy was In hot water and came to seek help from his uncle, Randy. Harrow had two options at that time; open his house to Randy and try to help him turn his life around, similar to what he had done.

Or he could have closed the door on him and choose not to help. In that kind of situation, there Is really not much you can do. Harrow has chosen to help. He was not looking for an award; In addition to him wanting to succeed, he wanted to help others to succeed as well, And that Is what he did. Fred Rorer’s wise words did summarize that helping other people win matters equal to or the same as your own winning. Every day I try harder to reposes my life on being less selfish and try more on finding ways to be useful to others. I grew up from a large close knit family. My uncle George has Downs Syndrome.

For some reason I felt like it was my job was to help uncle George. Times I Through the years we have developed a special bond. Now that my grandparent’s are getting older, I feel like George is more my responsibility. The way I see it, I’m not happy unless George is. I help him out as much as I can. I’m not saying this to get a pat on the back because I wouldn’t change it for the world, but to make an understanding about Fred Rogers quote. It doesn’t really matter if I am winning unless my Uncle George is too. I understand from first-hand experience, and the Joy I get from helping Uncle George is priceless!

Being kind to others really does matter. Even Just a small thoughtful act can go a long way in today’s world. I think our most lifelong and rewarding achievements are earned by helping others complete theirs. In fact to me, another person’s success is my success as well, especially if I had opportunity to assist them along their way. Fred Rogers is expressing a similar idea as mine in his quote, “What really matters is not Just your own winning but helping other people win, too. ” We both conclude to the same conclusion. I feel as though if you live a lifestyle filled with generosity, you will find more things will to start to benefit you.

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