Malaysian Airlines

4 April 2017

Table of content Executive summary2 Introduction Purpose3 Scope3 Method3 Assumption and limitation3 Background3 Product5 Price8 Promotion10 Place12 Conclusion13 Reference14 Executive Summary The purpose of this report is to present the business operating in the tourism sector and how the company segments its products and services in the market. Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) is a well-known aircraft carrier company that delivers their services to all passengers around the world to ideal destinations.

MAS use marketing mix such as Product, Price, Promotion and Place to broaden, advertise, and promote their offers to the market. They have built a strong brand name internationally, indicated by the three levels of product such as core product, actual product, and augmented product. The Five Star Value Carrier is being established in February 2008 to ensure passengers are happy with the excellent service, quality, in-flight service, comfort and reasonable fare of MAS. E-Booking, E-Ticketing, E-Brochures and E-Check-in is available for the purpose of convenient.

Malaysian Airlines Essay Example

Enrich Club is also being run as a loyalty program for frequent flyer. Privileges will be offered to Enrich members and flyers are allow to accumulate they travel miles as points to accrued benefits. MAS will place emphasis on delivering value for money, offering highly competitively priced tickets in all classes. The program Everyday Low Fares (ELF) is being launched by MAS to attract the attention of people. People would like to know more about travelling with MAS when “Everyday Low Fares” program is being advertised. Malaysia Association of Tour and Travel Agents Fair (MATTA) played an important role for MAS.

Visitors will gain awareness with the appearance of MAS in MATTA Fair because all kinds of sales and promotions can be found in the fair. This fair will be held in Malaysia every year for a short period of time and it encourages people to purchase and know more about travel with MAS. Introduction Purpose The purpose of this report is to present how Malaysia Airline System (MAS) operate in its business in the tourism sector and describe how the business segments its market and how this segmentation is reflected in its marketing strategy. Scope

The main focus of this report is the segmentation about MAS and how it segments its business in the market. Method A wide range or sources was used in the creation of this report. Both primary and secondary sources were used such as textbook, journal articles, newspaper articles from the internet and annual reports of the company. Assumption and limitations It is assumed that the information found is accurate and the limitation was the information found from the internet. Background Malaysia Airline (MAS) operates flights from its home base, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

It has also build up a strong brand name in the aviation industry for service and safety, coupled with numerous awards. There are two strong competitors for MAS. They are Qantas (Qantas, 2008) and Cathay Pacific Airline (Cathay Pacific, 2008). The reason why they are strong competitors is because they offer similar product and services in the same field. Buyers’ perceptions of risk will be reduced when unfamiliar products are involved (Erdem et al. , 1999). People would choose to travel with MAS because of the well-known brand name.

Customer analysis and retention system will be set up in order to enhance its customer retention and satisfaction (William Reed, 1998). To keep all passengers at satisfied level while they are travelling with MAS, advance technologies and excellent skills of services will be provided. MAS also broke the Great Circle Distance Without Landing record on a Boeing 777-200ER in year 1997 (Malaysia Airlines, 2008). This record then increased the trust of passengers in travelling with MAS as they believed that MAS would bring them to their ideal destination with punctuality and safety.

Product A product is anything that can be offered to a market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption that might satisfy a want or need. It includes physical objects, services, persons, places, organizations and ideas (Kotler and Armstrong, 2004). It can also be divided into two types of products, such as tangible and intangible product. Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) is selling their services to the society as a carrier domestically and internationally.

The three levels of the product include the core product, the actual product that includes important features such as the brand name, quality, styling and features, and the augmented product which includes delivery and credit, installation, warrant and after-sales services (Kotler and Armstrong, 2004). These are important to the business operator because most of the customers are attracted by the levels of products. Core product is what the customer is really buying. It consists of the main benefit or benefits the purchaser identifies as a personal need that will be met by the product.

Time critical transport is the core product that being purchased by travelers from MAS. They believed that MAS could bring them to the destination they want to be visited. The actual products for MAS are meals, seat allocation, Flight booking systems, In-flight services, duty free shopping, and schedule. The airline also offers a series of solutions to make traveler to travel faster, easier and more efficient by e-Booking, e-Ticketing and e-Check-in. The in-flight services in MAS consisted strong technical skills and highly trained cabin crew.

The high maintenance staff, flight operations staff and ground crew are filled with world-class technical skills. Due to the capabilities and attention of the staff and crew, it created a strong safety record in MAS. Other than that, MAS also have potential source of revenue to broaden its business activities. The cabin crew are highly trained and committed to excellent service and the five-star rating owes much to their grace and professionalism Whereas the augmented product are tours, holiday package, frequent flyer scheme, fly-drive package, Enrich Club and priority baggage.

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