Malaysian Education

4 April 2015
A paper which examines the educational system in Malaysia today.

This paper looks at the education system, from primary to university level within the South East Asian country of Malaysia. The paper discusses how the system works and how the Ministry of Education regulates the educational system in the form of assessments and academic streaming.
“Students within the vocational streaming will be studying those subjects that are more useful for a vocation rather than simple employment in a store, these subjects will be running parallel and in harmony with other academic subjects that are in similar study of other school syllabi. Students at this level will be expected to take an examination at the end of their second year known as the Peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Vokasional (SPMV). Of those student who pass the examination with high grades they are permitted to continue their studies at local establishments of higher education or if they wish they can seek employment, the optional added programme of skills training is a bonus (SEAMO 1998).”
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