Malaysian Public Administration

1 January 2017

This report is only possible with the sincere dedication of our group members and Dr. WasonLueangpapat, Public Administration Professor. For the members, their contributions and hard work has been the chance to fulfill their part of the distributed duty in Public Administration of Malaysia. As researchers and editors, we especially want to acknowledge the Comparative Public Administration lecturer, Ajarn. Dr. WasonLueangpapat, to his friendly contributed lectures and every example that he has tried to make us understand.

Even though, we still did not get them. The other groups that we must acknowledge are our parents who bring us up and sponsor for every tutorial fee and other financial supports. Finally, an untold number of people made it possible for us to work on this Malaysia report, including friends and former teachers in high school. We deeply appreciate the support and contributions of all.

Malaysian Public Administration Essay Example

This report is a term assignment that we must research and analyze; (1) structure, (2) process, (3) challenge, and (4) change in public administration of interested country. In this report, these topics allow answering such questions as: * What is the general background of Malaysia?

What is the Malaysian’s governmental structure and process? * What are the challenges of Malaysian’s public administration? * How Malaysia deals with those upcoming challenges? This report has included what topics that ajarn. Wason has mentioned during Q&A on our group presentation, Decentralization and local governance in Malaysia: * British Colonial Legacy * Decentralization * Inter-Governmental Relationships Community Relations and Emerging Recentralization * Process Toward Recentralization and Weakening on Decentralization * Reinforcing Centralization

Restructuring and Impact on Decentralization * Where to Decentralization? This report required a lot of time consuming because there are many detail to research and look through. Therefore members attempted to copy and paste information into this report which was considered as plagiarism. As the editor of this report, I had already asked them to make every copy and paste into their own languages and paraphrases. We had tried our best to accomplish this paper. Please give us a suitable mark.

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