Malcolm X Movie

10 October 2016

Malcolm X experienced a lot of pain and anguish in his life. He was born in Omaha, Nebraska in 1925. His father was very strong and outspoken. He was a leader and speaker for liberal rights. His father was basically killed because of his faith. I think the way his father was murdered was very harsh. X’s mother was biracial, having a father who was white and a mother who was black. Malcolm’s grandmother was raped by a white man. His mother hated every drop of white blood that was in her body from that rapist.

She was a very smart and educated lady. After the death of her husband she broke down and was put in a mental hospital. The state took her kids away from her. Malcolm was sent to live with a foster family. During his early life he lived in a house with a lady named Mrs. Swerlin. His teacher Mr. Ostrowski belittled him more than other kids. He was a very smart and educated being the only black person in the class. They called him “Nigger” so much when he was little he thought it was his name.

Malcolm X Movie Essay Example

Later on in life he was living in Boston during the war years He hung out with a guy names Shorty a lot. Shorty gave him a relaxer making his hair resemble the hair of a white man. The two hung out at a ball room called Roseland where Malcolm met a white woman named Sophia. He was there with a woman named Lori Johnson but left and took her home to come back to be with the new female he met. Lori knew he was going back to be with the other woman when he dropped her off at her grandma’s house.

Sophia and Malcolm hung out that night. She knew he never been with a white women but he tried to make her think different. Malcolm worked on a train as a server for a guy named Charlie Cooper. He called him by his first name instead of Mr. Cooper and his coworkers were very mad. They were listening to the Joe Lewis vs. Max Conn heavy weight fight that night at work. Joe Lewis won! The whole city and black community were happy in Harlem that night. X went a lunge that night to have a few drinks and celebrate.

He got into an altercation with a guy because he was badmouthing his mother. He didn’t like when anyone talked about his mom. While there he met a guy named Archie who was from the West Indies. Malcolm didn’t tell him the whole truth because he really didn’t trust him at that time. Archie brought him new clothing because the clothes he wore was very bright and colorful. He gave X his first gun. It was a small pistol that could fit behind his back. The two were involved in gambling, racketeering, and selling drugs.

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