Malcolm X’s Struggle

4 April 2015
A look at the mission and goals that Malcolm X set himself.

This paper briefly explores the African-American nationalistic goals of Malcolm X. It presents a passage from one of his speeches and examines this in light of his dreams and aims for the African American people. It compares his struggle to other freedom fighting leaders.
Self-determinism seems like a concept that should be basic and unassailable. Yet, throughout mankind’s history, groups and individuals have fought their entire lives and often died in the quest for the capacity to determine their own fates and to fight against the control of others who truly have no business controlling them. The lucky live to see the day when their dreams are brought to at least some level of fruition. The colonials, for instance, fought the British for an independent America and after a hard-fought and bloody Revolutionary War, those who survived did indeed see and enjoy a free America. Granted, America had its own share of issues after the British were expelled no viable system of government, spouts of tory violence and lack of infrastructure and political viability but still, the revolutionaries at least lived to see the day when they could assert their own rights and live unshackled by an imperialist power.
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