Malcolm Ax’s Similarities to Hercules Malcolm X was a man who could be easily compared to the likes of Hercules of Ancient Greece as both had similar pasts. Trials and family lives (though slightly out of order). Both men were the son of someone great and someone who was seemingly unworthy. Malcolm Littlest father, Earl Little, was a well educated and famous preacher. Preachers, at the time of Mallow’s upbringing, were very respected and were bringing messages to revival and equal rights,’the need to relocate.

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However, Mallow’s father was murdered tat young age and he was therefore only left with his cagey and bitterness, His mother, Louise Little, who never saw herself as worthy of anything less than an extremely black man, was happily married to his father until his death and the leaving of her boyfriend some time afterwards who had gotten her pregnant. Because of this, she had a nervous breakdown and was placed in a mental hospital for most of the rest of her life. Hercules’ father, Zeus, was always known as the greatest of the gods and Zeus was very proud of him.

However, he was usually unable to aid his son due to his marriage to Hear, the queen to the gods, and her jealousy. His mother, Elegance, was said to be the wisest mortal woman to ever live and also the most loyal in partnership to her husband. After she was tricked by Zeus (who was disguised as her husband) to lay with him, she became pregnant with Hercules. She was cursed with difficult childbirth by Hear and never was able to escape the goddess’s hate, though Hercules’ conception was not her fault.

In her death, she was burled with Hercules’ wife and children though there was Initially a debate about where she should be laid to rest. Both men’s sets of parent’s were nearly non-existent and shrouded in misfortune. Hercules and Malcolm Little were both targeted as children. The Klux Klux Klan had tried to burn down Mallow’s house when he was still a small child, which he escaped with the helpof his parent’s. Hercules was targeted by the goddess, Hear, who sent two poisonous snakes into Hercules’ crib to kill him. However, he strangled them to death before they could bite him.

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While both men were growing up, glory and then a fall followed them but both are saved bya messenger. Malcolm Little grew smart and excelled at everything he strives toward, becoming the head of his class. Sadly, he was told he could not come what he wanted to be after his schooling. Therefore, he took up many jobs and eventually got tangled in drug dealing, gang activity, robbery and pimping. He was caught while breaking and entering a house and was sentenced to 8-10 years in prison where he met John Bomber, who urged Malcolm into an even greater love of knowledge.

He comes into contact with Elijah Mohammed after his siblings, namely his brother Reginald, tell him of “The Nation of Islam”, a new pro-black religion. He struggles at first and Is very proud, but then realizes that he has done wrong and to repent. He Is told by Mohammed to bow to Allah and to refuse pork, cigarettes and other sinful nature and then he will be forgiven. After this, Malcolm becomes a devout Muslim. Hercules was a skilled fighter, rather than scholar, and was given his wife, Meager as a trophy of battle by a victorious king.

He had three children with her and was faithful and happy. However, Hear was still angry with his existence and caused him, he was so stricken with grief that he wanted to die. However, he knew that the world may still have need of his strength and went to the Oracle of Delphi to seek tenement. Hercules had not bathed or changed his clothing since he’d begun to grieve and was refused to see the oracle. He becomes proud and angry and steals a sacred object from the temple. When Apollo, the patron god of the temple, discovers this, he is furious and fights Hercules.

Both could not be beaten, so after three days, Zeus intervenes. The object is returned and Hercules given an audience with the oracle. He’s told to seek King Restructures of Tiring and to do any of the things he asks of him. If he’s able to finish these tasks, he’ll become immortal. Hercules agrees. Malcolm and Hercules, through their trials, become stronger and feel useful again; whether physical strength or mental strength is gained, both acquire it along with the respect of their peers.

Hercules’ ventured on twelve trials, including (in order): killing a lion with impenetrable fur by strangling it; burning and burying alive the Hydra with nine heads, one of them being immortal; stealing the goddess, Artemisia’, golden horned stag (which he later got permission to take if no force was used); exhausting and killing the Riemannian Boar; cleaning the sun god, Holies’, cattle tables, which hadn’t been cleaned in years, in one day by diverting a river through them; shooting a flock of Stephanie Birds, which ate humans; taming flesh eating horses; getting Hippest, Queen of the Amazons’, girdle; captured the cattle of Greyer, killing him and his large guard dog in the process; bringing back the golden apples of the Hesperus by tricking Atlas into handing him the sky and giving it back to him when he didn’t want it back; and Journeying into the Underworld to borrow Cerberus. Through these adventures, he received the pelt of the Mean Lion, which couldn’t be pierced, the blessing of Hellos and Athena, the golden Apples of Hesperus’, a new wife, named Dandier and closure for the murder of his family. He gained many friends including Jason and the Argonauts.

Malcolm Little (now Malcolm X) denounced his last name, saying that it was given to his ancestors by a slave owner and was therefore known by no last name until he chose one, which could be seen as a major sacrifice. After getting out of prison, he visited his hero, Elijah Mohammad and soon became his right hand man in creating new temples all over the country. He was then put in charge of a temple in Harlem where he drew in ore followers which was quite an impressive feat. One of his strengths that he gained over the years was cleanliness and an impressive physical stature. Malcolm met his wife, Betty, after one of his lectures and after dating in groups and exclusively, they married in 1958. Together, they had six daughters.

One famous trial of his was the demanding to see Johnson Hints, a Nation of Islam member who had intervened in police brutality against a black man. After Hints was detained by police, Malcolm went down to the police station with some members of the Nation of Islam to check on his condition. He was, at first, denied the fact that any Muslim was being held and was told to leave, but after he refused, he was eventually allowed to see him. He ordered Hints be brought to a hospital and after he was sure he was stable, Malcolm dispersed the crowd of thousands that had gathered and left. Malcolm was seen in a bad light by most people as he believed that self-defense was better than complete non-violence.

However, one of his greatest trials must have the Nation for his comments on the Kennedy assassination and a year later, Malcolm X denounced being a part of the Nation of Islam. He followed Elijah Mohammad for so many years that it must have wounded him greatly when he was censored by and discovered so many secrets about him. However, he turned it into an opportunity to rise up and make himself and his followers better, working with other civil rights leaders and eventually making a pilgrimage to Mecca. This Journey caused him to see that his Islam religion wasn’t strictly for Africans, as he had previously been taught, rather for everyone who desired to turn to Allah.

Both Hercules and Malcolm Ax’s deaths were tragic and could have been avoided. Malcolm X had been delivering a useful massage to the Organization of Afro-American Unity in Manhattan when a disagreement broke out. In their attempt to quiet the problem quickly, Malcolm and his body guards approached the crowd. A gunman shot Malcolm X in the chest, followed by two others. He was pronounced dead at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital with 21 gunshot wounds on his body. It was later discovered that he was murdered by Nation of Islam members, Thomas Hogan, Norman XX Butler and Thomas XX Johnson. At his public viewing, he was called a “shining black prince”.

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