Male nurses

6 June 2016

Question 2 It is a fact the nursing profession is currently dominated by the female gender. However, it does not mean that men are not up to tasks involving nursing. Many hospitals nowadays are increasing their employment of male nurses. I for one, agree that hospitals should hire more male nurses. This is because when compared to female nurses, male nurses are physically fitter, emotionally tougher and they are the better at handling male patients.

Firstly, more male nurses should be hired by hospitals given that in general, males are physically more fit than females. Being fitter means they have the better strength and endurance. In one way, this will render male nurses to be convenient in handling tasks that require considerable physical strength. For example, male nurses can carry heavy patients, medical equipments as well as subduing aggressive patients. In terms of endurance, male nurses can work longer hours than female nurses. This will be an added value of their employment, which means hospitals will be adequately staffed and more people can come for treatment.

Male nurses Essay Example

Secondly, hospitals should hire more male nurses because emotionally, they are tougher. This can be attributed to the psychological nature of males, in which they rarely get emotions like fear to get the best of them, as oppose to that of females. During the facilitation of medical diagnostics and treatments as well as in several medical conditions, male nurses are steadier in poise and are objective when working with blood, body wastes and even dead bodies. Therefore, tasks can be done effectively without any hesitations. This certainly will benefit the practice and hospitals as a whole.

Thirdly, due to several reasons, male nurses are better at handling male patients. Some male patients may be reluctant or shy about interacting with female nurses. As such, male nurses are the best persons to fill in this gap since a male often understands a male’s predicament and needs better. Moreover, this will also help to prevent sexual harassment in hospital involving patients and female nurses. Apart from medical reason, male nurses are preferred to care for male patients in the Islamic perspective, given that physical contacts between two persons of the opposite sex are forbidden. As such services by male nurses are to be used if hospitals have adequate numbers of them.

However, people might disagree with this stand point on the ground that male nurses might not have the temperament suitable for the job as well as they might not be good at tending to female patients. One instance often cited with regards to temperament is that male nurses might be quick tempered and they often rushed to their judgment and be rude or obnoxious to the patient. This is not true because female nurses too can be subjected to such temperament.

What is needed here to make sure that everyone joining profession to have the proper temperament before hand and if not, to be trained to be pleasant and graceful to patients. As for the attending of female patient, training is also of a paramount importance. Male nurses can be trained to be more attuned to female patients’ needs and cares. As for religious and cultural sensitivities, to me it is important to have more or less equal numbers of nurses of both genders should the need to use either gender exclusively arises.

In conclusion, hospitals nationwide should consider hiring nurses from male sex given that they are physically and mentally fitter for the tasks as well as being the ideal persons to treat male patients. It is hoped that hospitals will keep on employing more male nurses in the future for all their benefits and convenience.

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