Malgudi Days

1 January 2017

Jennifer Glasper English 3036 Monday, March 6, 2012 Professor: E. Chou Malgudi Days, R. K Narayan The tasks take one short story by Narayan that you have read and show that it has literary traits it has in common with other short stories by Narayan. In most of these short stories we can see that the theme is an important idea of the author. The themes that are seen throughout most of the stories written by R. K.

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Narayan are adversities, difficulties and overcoming those difficulties by having the strength to persevere so that the individuals can move forward in their lives. In the story of the Willing Slave, we see a maid doing everything she can to make it during difficult times and to also give money to her family. Even though Ayah is poor, she doesn’t let it affect her too much, she understand that no matter what is going on around her, Ayah must continue to move forward and make the best of a difficult situation.

The theme in this story is a harsh reality for many individuals throughout the country of India, but the most important aspect of India and its people is the fact that they understand and realize that poverty is surrounding them but have the mind set to overcome that adversity without letting it overtake them. In The Snake Song, we see the same type of theme as in Willing Slave, when a young Talkative Man has dreams and desires to become wealthy someday, by being a musician.

The Talkative Man is poor and doing all he can to survive, so he can make a better life for himself. The one dilemma that is going to hold him back is his selfishness, and his unwillingness to assist another individual that is in need whom he turns away. He was extremely self-centered and one night he rejected a man that needed assistance. The man’s hunger was the cause of The Talkative Man’s irritation. His rejection was unnecessary since the mendicant had praised The Talkative Man’s artistic skill and only wanted food.

By contrast, the elderly Ayah appears as an obsequious person that is ‘Hellbent’ on pleasing her masters regardless of their social position or age. Playing games with the child, Radha, was an example of the extent Ayah would go to placate the family. The sequence of events describing Ayah’s willingness to satisfy each and every request made by others is an un- pleasant reading for many people, because Ayah’s servitude can be seen in other counties besides India and in other spheres of existence. ‘A willing Slave’ generates sadness.

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