Malvadas by Baby Wicked and Wicked Babydoll

9 September 2019

It’s true that I endured four years of Spanish classes during my school days. Sure, there was conjugation after conjugation, instructional tourist videos, inane vocabulary lessons, dreadful final exams. Still, none of the teaching was geared towards interpreting Malvadas. Perhaps in a better world.

But, if all I did learn from those often horrible days of classes was how to say Malvadas, I’d be satisfied. “Malvadas” means “Wicked” and that’s exactly their namesake.They’ve also undergone an unusual evolution: They went from making raunchy gangsta hits to becoming Latin America’s femme troubadours.

Malvadas by Baby Wicked and Wicked Babydoll Essay Example

Alas, even with the four wasted years of knowledge behind me, most of Malvadas eludes me. Aside from the English tracks that are on the album, I can’t understand more than the titles I translated, and if you think Spanish speakers speak rapidly, imagine them rapping. All in all, however, it’s a more than interesting mix, and rest assured: “malvadas” is universal. But for our purposes: All users (Yes, all of them) apparently have access to Wicked Babydoll and Baby Wicked’s new collaboration album right now for free courtesy of Wicked Babydoll. Even if you didn’t sign up to Wicked Babydoll’s website, you can download the “Malvadas” album for free.

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