Man Named Dave

6 June 2017

“A Man Named Dave” The novel, “A Man Named Dave,” by Dave Pelzer is the conclusion to the novels “A Child Called ‘It” and “The Lost Boy. ” As a child the main character, Dave, was brutally abused by his alcoholic mother and eventually put in a foster care facility. As Dave grew older he worked hard to ensure he’d make something of himself to prove to his mother he wasn’t worthless. But of course whenever something good happened in Dave’s life it always took a turn for the worst. When Dave was old enough he enlisted n the Air Force and worked his way up to become a Boomer (a person that refuels jets midair).

Even though Dave had been out of his mother’s care for years he couldn’t quite escape the trauma that he went through. Because he constantly doubted himself he could never reach his full potential. After years and years of fghting through the memories of his past David finally triumphs any past grudges and forgives his mother for her wrong doings. Only then does David find peace and carry on happily with his wife and son in life. I enjoyed this novel but feel that it may have een slightly biased, yet completely believable.

Man Named Dave Essay Example

The story is only told from David’s point of view and since he was so young when it first started he couldn’t possibly know exactly what his mother was going through at the time. Not saying it is at all okay to abuse your child no matter the circumstances. But Dave does mention that his father may have been cheating on his mother at the time and he also abandoned the family after several years. So being a single mom may have contributed to her lash outs, again, not saying that it is ever okay to abuse someone. But I do feel that it is an accurate novel.

Dave’s story is very tragic and I could not imagine ever living a day in his shoes. I don’t think it is possible to make up the events that he has depicted from his life. He does a fine Job at capturing the reader’s attention by using his past experiences to draw into people’s pathos. I really enjoyed this novel because I felt as if I was directly involved with the story. It had me feeling happy, sad, and even frustrated all at the same time. In todays society abuse is taken very seriously, ut not very long ago it was acceptable to treat children and even spouses a little rough.

Through Dave’s Journey he experienced physical and psychological abuse that was often times “brushed under the rug” to avoid any social embarrassment. “For the first twelve years of my life I was continuously subjected to practically every form of physical and psychological torture you can imagine. I should have died. But I was rescued from my alcoholic mother and fortunate enough to be placed in the care of others. “(1 50) Nowadays, it’d much less time to take a child out of custody of an busive, alcoholic parent.

Studies have shown that abused children are more likely to carry on these actions and use them on their own children. It’s important to understand the seriousness of abuse and report it before it’s too late. “As a child, when I was stabbed in the chest, days later I would literally crawl on my hands and knees scrounging for a wet rag so I could clean my infected wound. ” During first semester, a hospice worker came to our class and informed us on what exactly hospice is and what the staff there does. From my understanding security is a big art in death.

A person is only ready to let go when they know for a fact that their son, I swear to God, one day I will, I will make you proud. I always have and always will love you, Father. Now you relax… and I’ll meet you at the river. ” That’s all he needed to hear to finally let go. His last wish was to ensure that his son did not resent him. What I took away from the book is that no matter where you come from or what youVe been through you can always have a brighter future. David’s whole life is an example of this lesson.

He came from an alcoholic mother that abused him to foster care and he didn’t even graduate high school, but he was still able to make a name for himself. Without his determination he wouldn’t have been able to get an education, publish his books, or work as a boomer in the Air Force. David grew up being kicked and pushed down but was able to grow up and become a successful writer, father, and husband. Dave did a great Job writing “A Man Named Dave. ” It was in chronological order in events according to his life so it wasn’t hard to follow.

Whenever an event was brought up from Dave’s past novels, he was quick to fill in any blanks with a flashback. It was very easy to understand despite a few Air Force terms he used, but I was able to get the gist of it. “A Man Named Dave” has a lot of surprising events that will not keep anyone bored for very long. Dave’s life is like a rocky rollercoaster constantly going up and down and sometimes taking sharp turns. On that note, I would highly recommend this novel to others that like books that keep your emotions on edge.

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