Man on the Moon: The End of Days by Kid Cudi

8 August 2019

“And those happy thoughts in my head I’m feeling like I’m Peter Pan minus the tights and the ferries.” -Up Up and Away, by Kid Cudi
Man on the Moon: The End of Days, Kid Cudi’s first album to hit the stores was and will always be a sensational hit. Cudi’s new style has revolutionized rap, and will forever change how rap is viewed. Kid Cudi, unlike most Hip-Hop artist takes an entirely different stance on music. He feels that music is restricted by genres; Cudi mixed his rap with different genres of music to create completely new beats. This new idea, of mixing different types of music, has influenced almost every rapper in the game today. Man on the Moon: The End of Days gave Cudi his first real taste of fame and it also gave the public a taste of Cudi’s new style. MOM (Man on the Moon) takes you on a journey of Kid Cudi’s dreams and what goes through his mind. Each song presents a different emotion, and they together they create an epic story. The album starts with an introduction to Cudi’s life “Soundtrack 2 my Life”, throughout the story we are faced with songs that express some of Cudi’s deepest and darkest thoughts, he labels them the Nightmare songs. Cudi’s emotions are constantly changing throughout the album, just as you get a glimpse of his brighter side it turns right back into a nightmare. The last song, “Up Up and Away” leaves us with a sense of hope. Overall I felt that MOM was one of the greatest albums I have ever listened to. It is much more than music; it takes you on a journey and at the end leaves you appreciating life.

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