“Man on Wire” by James Marsh Essay Sample

9 September 2017

There are people who merely suction you up in their lives and throw you off when they don’t need you any longer. Philippe Petit. the chief character of the documental movie “Man on Wire” . directed by James Marsh. is a great illustration of such a chump. Barry Greenhouse. Petit’s confederate. says it during the movie. “He kind of draws you into his universe. ” Philippe was a brave. enthusiastic and relentless high-wire creative person. His natural passion to walk 100s of pess above the land on a tightrope helped him to do his dream come true. and he became celebrated all over the universe. Philippe broke the jurisprudence non merely to make his end. but because it was an escapade ; interrupting into the tower to execute wire-walking was like a bank robbery. That’s why he was so haunted with it. He liked to be celebrated. That’s likely one more motive that involved him in wire-walking.

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He didn’t attention about anyone but himself. When Philippe became well-known. his self-love killed childhood friendly relationship and love. Petit abandoned his friends and broke up with his girlfriend. Jean Francois Heckel and Jean-Lois Blondeau. Philippe’s close friends. were ready to make everything for him.

They realized that it was impossible to acquire legal permission for Petit to execute his high-wire walking in big public topographic points like the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. France. the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Sydney. Australia. and the World Trade Center Towers in New York City. so they broke the jurisprudence. It was Philippe’s dream and that was all that truly mattered. They wanted to assist him to do his dream come true. They wanted him to tightrope walk at the World Trade Center Towers in New York City – the dream of all his life – and they did. They believed in Philippe and his success. His friends sacrificed their personal lives to coerce Petit’s dream to world. All their clip they spent be aftering how to intrude the highest edifices in the universe for Philippe to wire walk. The squad planned their escapades highly carefully because one incorrect measure in the readying or installing and Philipp could hold died. Surely. without his friends he would acquire anything. and likely would merely be beguiling on Paris streets. Jean-Lois came up with an thought to hit an pointer between Towers’ roofs. so Philippe could hold passed the walk overseas telegram.

Jean-Francois Heckel. enlisted to be portion of Philipp’s squad at the Notre Dame Cathedral. worked on the South Tower of the World Trade Center. Barry Greenhouse was the “inside man” of the squad. who worked on the 82nd floor of the south tower. and helped to form wire-walking excessively. Mark Lewis. who helped Petit to form wire-walking in Sydney. refused to assist Philippe in New York. being afraid to be a portion of manslaughter. I will non deny that his friends were proud and happy to set up these public presentations ; they were unfeignedly joyful and thrilled. “Against the jurisprudence but non wicked or mean. it was fantastic. ” explains Jean Francois Heckel. However. when Jean-Lois reflected on the minute when their friendly relationship was over. he is interrupting into cryings. as their company meant everything for him. That was painful for Philippe’s friends to recognize: they were merely used and thrown off as refuse. They were expelled from the United States after interrupting into World Trade Center for Phillipe to execute. while Petit’s penalty was to set on a show for childs. Petit abandoned non merely his friends but his love. Annie Allix. who followed him everyplace.

“My function was to back up and promote him. It was ever a affair of seeking to understand what was traveling on in his caput and of promoting him. That’s was my occupation and it was truly wash uping. ” says Allix. Annie was with Philippe from the really beginning. She worried about Petit’s life. but at the same clip was certain that her sweetie could accomplish his dream. And what did she acquire for following and promoting her fellow after his victory? She got defeat and letdown in the adult male she fell in love with. Petit cheated on her the first twenty-four hours he got popular. with an American fan.

They broke up. Annie realized that her boyfriend’s celebrity changed his head. They both had to get down a new life. His girlfriend was merely a plaything to play with when Petit was bored or disappointed ; friends were merely tools. equipment that he used and threw off. Philippe took advantage of his support system. Even though they speak of the event with great awe. they still feel abandoned. Their lips may state. “We are glad it happened. ” but eyes and cryings ne’er lie. and say. “We wish it had the other stoping. a happy stoping where friendly relationship and love is more of import than celebrity. ” It’s two or three times as hard to win without friends and support. Art shouldn’t be more important than life ; otherwise one is fated to be everlastingly entirely.

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