Action plan
On 05/07/2013, Robert Sean, the CEO needs to contact the fire station and invite them to the meeting. Fees and available date must be identified. On 06/07/2013, Cherry Lu, the marketing manager needs to contact Deakin University to rent the room for the meeting. Fees and available date must be identified. On 08/07/2013, Peter Chen, the production manager needs to design and point out enough meeting papers for participants. On 09/07/2013, Damn Lee, the purchasing manager needs to buy some drinks and snacks for participants during the meeting. On 10/07/2013, Robert Sean needs to send invitation to participants.

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On 11/07/2013, Cook Liu, the HR manager needs to prepare some drafts to host the meeting. Before all activities, Ben Wang, the accounts manager needs to prepare the budget for the meeting. Dress the part. Show respect to the position of chairing by wearing clean, neat, business casual clothing. No sneakers. No blue jeans. Of course, you can chair the meeting naked if its an online text chat meeting, Introduce the speaker.

Introduce the speakers by first name only. The speaker will provide other information about themselves. Do not talk about how much you like the speaker or their message. The contributes in no way to the meeting, and may only affect the speaker’s level of confidence or ego.

Controlling the meeting

The meeting begins at the time designated and ends at the time designated. No expectation, except of course by tow or three minutes at most. Never do we start meetings late. Meeting are not vital to sobriety. Meeting are a place to find newcomers and to meet and socialize with your friends. Never do we allow a meeting to go overtime because someone did not get to chance to share. If it is moments into overtime and there appears to be no end to the  current sharer;s share , then you’ll need to gently cut them off, “im sorry, we’re out of time.” and end the meeting. Do not allow the sharer an opportunity to close up. You control the meeting. Close the meetingControlthe movement of occupants to the emergency assembly are or evacuation point Maintain control of persons at the emergency assembly area or evacuation point 12 ways to prevent a workplace fire

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1. Practice good workplace housekeeping. Clutter contributes to fires by providing fuel and by preventing access to exitsand emergency equipment.

2. Place oily rags in a coved metal container. This waste must be properly disposed of on a regular basis

3. Maintain machinery to prevent overheating and friction sparks

4. Report electricity hazards. Many fires start in faulty wiring and malfunctioning electrical equipment. Nerver attempt electrical repairs unless you are qualified and authorized

5. Maintain free access to all electrical control panels. Material or equipment stored in front of the panels would slow down the shuting down of power in an emergency situation

6. Use and store chemicals safety. Read the label and the material safety data sheet to determine flammability and other fire hazards. Provide adequate ventilation when using and storing these substan

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