Management Communication

5 May 2017

EncounterCase B: Unifone Communicationspart 3: TechniqueChapter 16: Effective Writingstyle manual to be cross-referenced throughout the courseChapter 17: Effective SpeakingStyle manual on speaking, use of graphics, and group presentation to be cross referenced throughout the courseAppendix Case 16: Dotsworth PressCase 17: Fair is Fair, Isn’t Identifying external communication needs according to your different audiences and in different contexts.

For instance, a project may involve the participation and coordination of various other organizations that need a permanent ommunication system to work together in organizing events or developing and sharing documents related to the events. Another project may involve posting a survey on the Web site that needs to be simple and straightforward to entice the audience to respond immediately and seek future results.

Management Communication Essay Example

Engaging the board of directors in a more active role in the strategic planning of the organization may also require a special communication set-up that would facilitate sharing documents, receiving feedback and having virtual meetings to finalize decisions. Ђ Identifying the tools that would effectively engage external audiences in a two or multi-way communication practice with the organization, as related to a specific project or to an organizational objective.

For the first case mentioned above, setting an electronic discussion group for a specific project and setting up a private site to share documents would facilitate the communication and coordination among all the actors involved in it. For the third case, you may want to setup a private site where the oard of directors can look at financial statements and strategic plans, send their comments on specific issues to the rest of the board, and coordinate a virtual meeting to discuss critical issues and finalize decisions and recommendations regarding the organization. Ђ Building awareness of external audiences in engaging in a two or multi-way communication system that will improve the execution of specific projects or achieve specific goals related to the organization. Management Communication: Principles and Practice By marianassa

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