Management Information Systems Prentice-Hall, 2010. Isbn-13: 9780136078463 Managing the Digital Firm

4 April 2017

Below are the revised case lists for CS532 students using 11th Edition of text book. You will be asked to choose ONE of the following individual projects from each group, answering the questions posed at the end of the case: · (Individual) Due 7/19/11: (Choose one of the following) · Page 10-11 Virtual Meetings: Smart Management · Page 23-24 UPS Completes Globally with Information Technology · Page 50-51 Air Canada Takes Off with Maintenex · Page 53-54 Fresh, Hot, Fast Can Information Systems Help Johnny s Lunch Go National? Page 93-94 Can Technology Save Soldier s Lives in Iraq? · Page 100-101 Can Detroit Make the Cars Customers Want? · Page 144-145 What Should We Do About Cyberbullying? · Page 148-149 Flexible Scheduling at Wal-Mart: Good, Bad for Employees? (10% of final grade) · (Individual) Due 8/2/11: (Choose one of the following) · Page 182-183 Computing Goes Green · Page 192-193 Salesforce. com: Software-as-a-Service Goes Mainstream · Page 224-225 The Internet Revenue Service Uncovers Tax Fraud with Data Warehouse · Page 232-233 The Databases Behind MySpace Page 263-264 Should Network Neutrality Continue? · Page 268-269 Monitoring Employees on Networks: Unethical or Good Business? · Page 298-290 The Worth Theft Ever? · Page 323-324 Can Salesforce. com On-Demand Remain in Demand? · Page 347-348 Proctor & Gamble Tries to Optimize Inventory (10% of final grade) · · (Individual) Due 8/23/11: (Choose one of the following) Page 356-357 Customer Relationship Management Helps Chase Card Services Manage Customer Calls Page 381-382 Turner Sports New Media Marries TV and the Internet · Page 389-390 Can J&R Electric Grow with E-Commerce? · Page 423-424 Managing with Web 2. 0 · Page 435-436 Reality Mining · Page 459-460 Too Many Bumped Flyers: Why? · Page 461-462 Business Intelligence Turns Dick s Sporting Goods Into a Winner · Page 493-494 Dorfman Pacific Rolls Out a New Wireless Warehouse · Page 508-509 Did Chrysler Make the Right Outsourcing Decision? · Page 525-526 Kaiser Permanente Botches Its Kidney Transplant Center Project · Page 544-545 When Can t Business Take Off? Page 568-569 Colgate Palmolive Keeps the World Smiling · Page 573-574 Can Cell Phones Close the Global Digital Divide? (10% of final grade) Case Studies Choose One CHAPTER PAGE CASE 1 37 Is Second Life Really a Business? 2 72 JetBlue Hits Turbulence 3 117 YouTube, the Internet, and the Future of Movies 4 156 Should Google Organize Your Medical Records? 5 202 Amazon s New Store: Utility Computing 6 241 Trouble with the Terrorist Watch List Databases 7 289 Google vs.

Microsoft: Class of the Technology Titans 8 331 A Rogue Trader at Societe Generale Roils the World Financial System 9 369 Symantec s ERP Turmoil 10 406 Facebook s Dilemma 11 444 Innovation and Collaboration at Coca-Cola: It s the Real Thing 12 476 HSBC s Lending Decision and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis: What Went Wrong? 13 517 Citizens National Bank Searches for a System Solution 14 550 The U. S. Census Bureau Field Data Collection Project: Don t Count on It 15 580 Will a Global Strategy Save GM?

Management Information Systems Prentice-Hall, 2010. Isbn-13: 9780136078463 Managing the Digital Firm Essay Example

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