Managerial Accounting

1 January 2017

Reflect and describe which key concepts and topics in this course have made you a stronger candidate to enter the business world. When I first began this course, I didn’t really understand what Managerial accounting for Business Professionals were. I was very confused and also a bit intimidated with what is expected and how is the professor going to be.

In my previous classes I have had some professors who seem to not care about us students. I have felt often that since it’s an online environment they could answer whichever way they want because there isn’t anyone to meet face to face to speak. Professor, you have been a wonderful teacher and mentor for us. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Even though some of the weeks were challenging I was able to overcome them. What I enjoyed the most was the budgeting planning in Unit 6.

Managerial Accounting Essay Example

I am always looking to grow within my job and department, so learning some other things and being able to speak with my peers about what I have learned enables me to show that I am eager to move up the ladder of success and get promoted. I think that the Wiley assignments were very educational and with the 5 chances that we were given to do the work, this really helped me analyze and truly learn how to solve a problem. Discuss how this course has affected you in your professional development as a student and as a person as well as encouraging you on your academic path.

This course has helped me professionally develop skills that I have had hidden. I, at times am afraid to take the next step because of what I am afraid may be the outcome, but seeing these assignments week by week and being able to achieve these challenges has really made me a more confident person and has given me the push I need to be able to begin working on opening my own business which is to open a Laundromat. I look so forward to graduating and moving forward to my future.

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