Managing Strategic Change on Nokia’s High-End Smartphone Segment Essay Sample

9 September 2017


The high-end Smartphone market section has developed enormously in the recent old ages. The beginning of this growing was marked by Apple debut of its first iPhone. which has managed to alter the whole industry. Since so technological companies like Samsung. LG. HTC and Nokia have strived to acquire a valuable market portion. offering a superior value to its clients. dwelling of invention in devices. services and closer communicating with the clients. In the researched period- the clip from 2007 to 2011. Nokia has lost its major presence on the Smartphone market. Although being a leader on it. its market portion and profitableness have fallen down under the force per unit area of its chief rivals Apple and Samsung. Nokia’s merchandise line on the market is wide. offering Smartphones in all monetary value scopes. Harmonizing to an online concern article. nevertheless. Nokia has non focused on developing in peculiar its high-end ( premium ) Smartphone section and has non offered a prima device with advanced characteristics. Its last Smartphones were catching up with the competitors’ devices alternatively of offering a alone value.

Managing Strategic Change on Nokia’s High-End Smartphone Segment Essay Sample Essay Example

This state of affairs has led to alterations on the top of the company. The new CEO Stephen Elop has been appointed to convey innovativeness and to concentrate on bettering Nokia’s presence on the North American market. where. based on market consequences. the company has weak market places. As a professional with an experience on this part. nevertheless. non in the nomadic industry. Mr. Elop is a controversial figure. which takes over the company in disputing times. The high-end Smartphone market is already in its mature phase. where rivals are seeking to offer alone value in merchandises and services in order to better their profitableness. Further loss of market portion and cherished clip for Nokia could take to a loss of profitableness for the company on the high-end Smartphone market.

Problem statement:

Nokia’s loss of focal point and innovativeness in developing its high-end Smartphone could do a lessening of the company’s market portion and profitableness. Nokia’s chief rivals on its market are deriving stronger places and competitory advantage. offering up-to-date engineerings and presenting menace to Nokia’s taking place. Since the major growing of the high-end Smartphone market in 2007. Nokia lacks a clear focal point on its nucleus competences that could convey competitory advantage for the company.


Formulate a strategic alteration to be farther implemented on Nokia’s high-end Smartphone market through an analysis of the internal and external factors that play a function in specifying the nucleus competencies the company should concentrate on.

Research inquiries:

Central research inquiry:

•What nucleus competences should Nokia implement in its strategic alteration on the high-end Smartphone market in order to acquire a competitory advantage on it? Following research inquiries: •What led to Nokia’s loss of profitableness and market portion to its rivals on the high-end Smartphone market? What are the current competences Nokia focuses on? •What are the current features of the market. the kineticss of alterations on it every bit wells as the mark group clients and concern theoretical accounts used? •Which are the Core Competencies that can lend for the Nokia hereafter development on the market? •What strong qualities do the Nokia’s rivals posses that distinguish them from the coating company? What gives them a competitory advantage on the market?

Research activities planned:

Secondary research:
Desktop research on relevant books. online databases incorporating market informations. concern research done on the subject by: ?Collecting informations on the current environment of the high-end Smartphone market section with Nokia’s engagement in it. ?Looking for relevant theory theoretical accounts developed that could be applicable to this research ?Analyzing the methods used and the findings achieved of other research done on a similar subject.

Primary research:

Using the theoretical model defined to make a strategic program how the new nucleus competences should be implemented in the scheme of the company Analyzing the external to Nokia concern environment in footings of market tendencies. technological developments. economical and societal development by utilizing the PESTEL and Five forces analyses. Discoursing and sum uping the grounds for Nokia’s downswing in footings of market portion and profitableness on this market with the aid of a SWOT analysis.

Questioning the consequences to corroborate their cogency and importance for accomplishing the research aim. Conducting semi-structured interviews with a selected Nokia representative. aware of the Strategy development of the company. In order to do certain the interview information has high cogency for the research. the impact of the “good news” syndrome will be diminished Developing a strategic theoretical account that should take the strategic alteration in the company by analysing the Core competences and the Generic strategies the company should concentrate on and the barriers to Open invention in the future activities of the company. Data will be collected via the interviews planned and via on-line search the market informations available. Identifying possible challenges in the research procedure and minimising any prejudice that the findings may take to.

Research attack:

The research will be based on the deductive attack. The analysis will be built on the theoretical model developed in the Literature reappraisal and farther expanded in the Secondary research of this work. The theory theoretical accounts developed will be important in constructing the construction of the research and should assist acquiring to valuable consequences.

Research Design:

The research scheme chosen will be an exploratory survey. as it involves in its construction a literature hunt of the current activities on the high-end Smartphone market and carry oning interviews with a Nokia representative. The information collected will be largely qualitative. where the purpose is to make a complete. elaborate description of a new scheme after researching all information available. Therefore this written work will be a qualitative research. Refering the clip period. the research is longitudinal ; the relevant stuffs are selected between September 2010 and April 2011 and reflect a clip period of four old ages ( between 2007 and 2011 ) . Thus the research focuses on analysis of related to Nokia’s concern activities and how they evolved in four old ages clip on the high-end Smartphone market.

Ethical issues in the procedure of researching could be connected with the usage of Nokia’ concern information. Some of the beginnings will be obtained by carry oning interviews with a Nokia representative. the replies of which may necessitate to be kept confidential. used merely for academic intents. Thus the analysis gathered after the interview should non be in breach of the rights of confidentiality for Nokia. However. excessively much restriction and external influence ( from a Nokia representative ) could besides take to colored consequences. Therefore this is an of import issue that should be good considered before carry oning the interviews. Research restrictions:

A restriction to this research is that it will non be utilizing Nokia internal databases and specific information about company civilization and future strategic developments. Conversely. utilizing chiefly company informations and in this instance making the research in the premises of the company can present a menace to developing indifferent consequences.


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