Managing the Four Layers of Diversity

2 February 2017

Using Diversity in the Workplace Managing diversity requires an understanding for the differences in all organizational members as individuals. The attitudes and perceptions must reflect training and respect for each person and lack of stereotypes as the leading idea of what the individual adds to the company. “Organizations must first learn to value culture as we associate often from social circles, backgrounds, or cultures, making the need for quality our first objective” (Easy in Organizations 2009).

Managers must encourage and reprimand based on actual occurrences and work productivity rather than the differences in the four layers of diversity, personality and internal, external and organizational dimensions we possess that make up the diversity (Kinicki, A and Kreitner, R. 98). Diversity by definition is the “multitude of individual differences and similarities that exist among people” (Kinicki, A and Kreitner, R. 97) Diversity is what makes each of us unique. It is the reason some of us are qualified for certain jobs and some of us aren’t.Diversity is not about only about the common included facors like race, color, gender and ethnicity. The diversity umbrella also houses different attributes to our uniqueness such as work experience, personal habits, income and appearance (Kinicki, A and Kreitner, R.

98). Managers must use these differences to encourage diversity in the workplace. Interviewers should not hire because of the diversity, but because of the actual qualifications of the interviewees. They must however recognize what the distinction contributes to the company.We as managers must also encourage other employers to recognize and respect what every person’s diversity gives. This will remove the feelings that women and minorities are reaching glass ceilings in the work place. The glass ceiling refers to the lack of ability for women and minorities to advance to top management positions (Kinicki, A and Kreitner, R.

101). Organizations with a glass ceiling for certain employees will most likely not have the best people for a job in positions they deserve.These actions will cost the company more in terms of possible financial increase and increased productivity. These companies will base promotions from biases and prejudices. The book did point out important ways for employees to overcome the glass ceilings. The table on page 103 points of actions like: Develop leadership outside the office; Network with influential colleagues; Change companies; Be able to relocate; Seek difficult or high-visibility assignments; upgrade educational credentials; and consistently exceed performance expectations.All of these actions require the individual to take responsibility for their own organizational future.

Even if the company doesn’t, they should accentuate the diversity within them to expose the negative stereotypes to be false. Doing these actions force all organizations to look at the individual. Networking with colleagues will open doors for the individual that is always seeking more difficult assignments in their current position. All of these recommendations intertwine to create opportunities for the individual.The four layers of diversity expose the differences that exist within all of us and make up our uniqueness which makes us have our own value. The four layers include: Personality; Internal Dimension like race age and gender; External Dimensions such as Income, parental status, work experience and educational background; and Organizational Dimensions like: work content/field, union affiliation, management status and seniority (Kinicki, A and Kreitner, R. 98).

These differences not only create our biases but also create the biases against us.We should focus our energy on embracing the layers we cannot change which are our personality and internal or primary dimensions and work on the ones we can change like the external and organizational dimensions. If we are embracing ours and others diversity we won’t have issues with diversity instead we will have productivity with diversity at its’ root. In creating my own layers of diversity I kept everything the same but added familial upbringing in the internal dimensions.I believe it is one of the most important factors in making up out personality and it has much influence on how we view the people around us. Organizations and managers alike must embrace and value diversity of employers. We must look at individuals for who they are and not judge them by our personal stereotypes.

Diversity makes us unique and must become a tool by which we respect, understand and encourage one another. Individuals must not allow glass ceilings to limit their abilities. We must all use our diversities to our advantage.

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