Mandatory Volunteerism

7 July 2016

To many, volunteering may seem as a task or chore, but to Stephen Lackey, it all seems fun. Mr.Lackey has a passion to give back to the community. In the article “A Life In Balance” by Stefanie Kure, he has spent countless hours helping the homeless, volunteering at food banks, and cleaning his local church and community.

In my article, the author is not convincing that mandatory volunteerism is something that should be instated nationally. It was not effectively convincing because mandatory volunteering was never mentioned and it did not go in depth about volunteering. Volunteering was briefly mentioned in the article and failed to mention any means of mandatory volunteerism. The author does not do an effective and thorough job using rhetorical devices and organization to convince the reader that mandatory volunteerism is beneficial.

Mandatory Volunteerism Essay Example

Throughout the article, the text features remain the same as well as the organization of the article. “The title of the article is bolded and is larger than the rest of the text in the article. The author’s name as well as the subject of the article is bolded and is larger than most of the text except for the title of the article. There is also a picture of Stephen Lackey in the top right hand corner. The format of the article consists of several small text paragraphs.

One Propaganda device used in the article was Transfer because the article connects Stephen Lackey with volunteering. “Volunteering is a cultural norm here at Dominion, and I also practice that philosophy outside the workplace as much as possible” (Kure, par. 14). Lackey is connecting and associating himself with the positive idea of volunteering. He’s connecting himself with the idea of volunteering because he’s trying to show the positive ideas of it and is trying to spread the idea as well.

One of the three methods of persuasion used in this paragraph is Pathos. This is created by Stephen Lackey who took time to help others. “I spend time helping out at local banks, handing out coats to the homeless and helping my church clean up around Richmond” (Kure, par. 14). This creates an emotional appeal because Lackey takes time out of his day to help others in need such as the homeless.

As a reader, the article was not effectively convincing that volunteerism should be mandatory. It is not convincing because my article did not thoroughly discuss volunteerism as well as even mention mandatory volunteerism. In my opinion, the article should have gone further in depth and should have been much more thorough and lucid about volunteerism. Overall, volunteering was briefly discussed and failed to persuade me to volunteer as well as to consider the fact that volunteerism should be mandatory.

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