Mandy Moore: So Real

7 July 2019

Mandy Moore’s “So Real” isn’t really real. Shelooks great and she has a pretty voice, but is it really all her?

Ireceived this CD as a gift, and listen to it every night. Most of the songs areso tedious I fall asleep after listening for just five minutes, but that isn’twhy I’m writing this; it’s because of her voice!

When you listen to”Candy,” you can hear her voice, but it’s mostly back-up singers. Shecan sing soprano, but when it comes to alto parts, she can’t do it alone. She hasa very pretty voice, but not pretty enough; all she really has is looks. The nexttime you hear her, listen and see if she really is “so real.” It couldbe a superb CD if she got a little more hip-hop into her songs. She also needs towrite more songs that relate to teen life.

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