Mania EPS by Fall out boy

10 October 2019

On January 19, American punk rock band Fall Out Boy released Mania. This is a review of the songs that led up to the release of maniaThe first single for this album was “Young and Menace,” the response was profoundly negative as many of the loyal fans were used to there more guitar and bass centered sound. It’s amazing when bands change there sound when done correctly. But Fall Out Boy made this song sound completely different from their older songs. Have a listen to “Sugar,were, sugar we’re goin down” then listen to “Young and Menace.”You would think these songs were made by two different artists with no connection what so ever, but I can see that what they wanted to go for with the drop showing anxiety and rage. Instead of sound like a more poetic version of rage, they made it sound high pitched screaming that is incredibly annoying and bothersome. The next song that was released was “Champion” was an empowering song for teens and helping them find meaning. The song has a pounding beat and is similar to song centuries with its inspiring lyrics and strong drum beats. The song faced some criticisms with people calling it cliche because of the blatant empowering lyrics. In my opinion, the song was very easy to catch on and is, in general, a good song that would fit good in a gym playlist. The third single was called “The last of the Real ones ” this song starts off with a very catchy piano and drums with incredible vocals that hooks you in. The lyrics talk The last of the Real Ones who are like superheroes in a way that has immense powers over the narrator needs them to help make sense of the world and help him through his struggles like depression and loneliness. With its catchy yet powerful lyrics, this song is one of my favorite songs on the album.

The next song to be released was “HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T” this immensely catchy reggae themed song inspired by Dia de Los Muertos, the day of the dead, is my favorite song from the Mania album. The song talks about the narrators being very anti-social then having someone come close to their life but they are dead and just spirts because it was the day of the dead. This, in turn, makes the narrator more extroverted. I love this song with the catchy reggae feels with the drums makes it my favorite song on this album. Now to the last song “Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)” this song had an amazing bass riff that lifts the song and makes the song sound generally sound happy. The lyrics, on the other hand, talk about trying to fit in and being rejected by most of society. The great line “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color” truly sums up the song and its meaning. All in all this song is a great anthem for people who have been rejected.

Mania EPS by Fall out boy Essay Example

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