Manifesto to Certain Filipinos

2 February 2017

As I read Rizal’s “Manifesto to Certain Filipinos” I have sighted his consistency and unalterable pronouncement of his firm stand apropos of insurrection deemed as a final, justifiable and only means plotted by his fellowmen; the Filipinos. The extent of the letter is a declaration of his firm stand and detestation of insurrection as a movement; he deemed one as such to be discouraged and never to be considered as a justifiable means to obtain independence.

We have judged rightly that indeed he is an improbable person to have any schemes that shows his admiration of a drastic and disastrous reform. His words reflected on the lines mirrored his resistance for drastic change in the Philippine setback. As a person, Rizal was a pacifist by nature. He refuses to delve in matters hinting a want for revolt for which both party will suffer great casualties despite what profit and glory they may grasp in the end. And Rizal was never more right in believing so, for nothing benefited out of irrational and radical force was anymore than undignified nobility.

Manifesto to Certain Filipinos Essay Example

We are right then to have proclaimed Rizal as the Philippines’ hero, for hero’s are not only the ones who have bravely died for what they cherished to believe, but for what they have modeled for people to believe that despite any setback and cruelty we could trounce the likes of which in a diplomatic and dignified way where no adversary can ever gainsay. Rizal is not only a man with first-class decisions and answers; he is also superior in giving solutions to the social cancer brought about by Spanish imposition.

I greatly admire his way of finding education as a first step towards independence; it was a simple answer of providing leverage and advantage for his fellowmen who are entitled to fit such solution. Education was to enlighten them on the best course of action to be taken when the time comes when they have finally grasp what it means to be totally free of a bondage that has maimed them for centuries. credential donate I believe, especially in our prevalent circumstances, that the Philippines is both independent and not.

We could still see strings attach to our government and economy that wanted us not to stray from American rule, we were dependant no less of them than we were hundreds of years ago, despite the given joy of finally being free from Spanish tyranny. But never the less, Rizal was not shortened for his admirable deeds that somehow it cured our fickle minds and ignorant ways. I could never forget Rizal for his bravery to have at least gave his all for the country he considers more precious than his life, he was no less a true Filipino and a well-deserve hero.

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