Manipulating Malcolm

4 April 2015
This paper explains how and why Spike Lee compromised historical realities in his 1992 film “Malcolm X”.

This paper examines how Spike Lee manipulated the Malcom X story in his film by toning down Malcolm’s radical message and even completely altering it at times.
Popularizing Malcolm X by making his message more appealing to a broader base of people than it was initially, is Spike Lee’s agenda. As I mentioned earlier this is not an easy task especially in America today as contrasted with the America Malcolm had faced. It is one thing to see eye to eye with a man who insists whites are devils when they act in evil ways toward you, it is entirely another thing to accept that same argument when whites act fairly, friendly and as your equal. Winning over this new generation of young Blacks who have grown up isolated from the centuries of racial injustice and animosity that proceeded them, is the dilemma that Spike Lee has to overcome.
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