Manu Chao

8 August 2019

ManuChao incorporates the Spanish, English and French languages into fun, infectioussongs that are bound to catch your ear. With his solo album”Clandestino,” the former leader of the band Lo Mano Negra usesmulticultural sounds to compose tunes like “Lagrimas de Oro”and”Je ne T’Aime Plus” which are only two of the quirkiest songs on thealbum (if you translate them, they’re even more amusing). Each song tells a coolstory using funky lyrics in more than one language. And, despite a few allusions,he does so without using expletives. With each listen, you will discover evenmore in each song.

His follow-up album, “Proxima Estacion:Esperanza” is another melting pot of tunes that even combines Spanish andFrench phrases into a single refrain in the whimsical “Me Gustas Tu.”Using three languages has influenced not only the lyrics, but also the fun soundsand rhythms of Chao’s tunes. Yet, a beneficial quirk is that you do not have tobe a linguist to get the overall meaning of his songs.

Whether or notLatin music is your favorite, Manu Chao is an awesome artist. Check him out.

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