Many Factor Can Interfere with an Effective Transition

6 June 2018

On the other hand, internal factors can also affect the transition process. For instance, personality type will affect how quickly one may begin interacting with others.

We would expect an introvert person not to make friends or be as confident around new people as a student with an extrovert personality. The first challenge that the majority of students have to undertake when becoming an undergraduate is long term. Homesickness is evident in many students. Not necessarily missing family but friends as well. In addition to this, one has had to leave behind a familiar place.A place that many people may have lived for all of their lives, therefore, the change in surroundings old possibly be overwhelming, making it difficult to adjust to student life. Furthermore, when leaving behind a place for some students they may be leaving behind a partner.

Long-term relationships are then a factor when moving away and also the idea that you or your partner will meet someone else. This is another factor, which is extremely important when becoming a student. In a new place you therefore meet new people.New friendships must be formed and trust placed in these. Students react differently to being put in accommodation with between two and over ten more people. Some ill relish the idea and begin making friendships as soon as they arrive. However, for others this may be found hard, especially for typically quiet, shy and reserved people.

These factors add to the social pressure that can be induced upon a student. Matthew Weston Page 2 4/11/2008 The need to be socially accepted when first arriving at university is an added factor for an undergraduate student.A continuing factor that could affect ones ability to adjust to undergraduate student life is in regard to money and finance. Before beginning university many financial documents must be completed and assessed ultimately exulting in the evaluation of the amount of loan a student will receive. This itself could cause anxiety for an individual and ultimately this can affect how effective the transition to undergraduate student life will be. An example of this may be that a student receiving the minimum loan has the added pressure of adhering to a strict budget.It can be seen that the financial factor will, like most others, vary from person to person and can be dependent on such things as, government grants, the income of the student’s parents, but also how much of this income is used to support the student.

The more fortunate students may have their tuition fees paid for by the government and then their accommodation paid by their parents. Thus leaving their student loan to themselves for luxuries. However, many students are given no financial help from their family.Therefore, solely the student must pay for tuition fees, accommodation and general living expenses. There is a possibility that the expenditure may take up the majority of a student loan, if not all of it. As a consequence, the student may need to find a job and this is an added stresses to the possibly hectic lifestyle being undertaken. Finding a job is the first problem and once a job has finally been secured, time management and organization may become more influential on the student.

They will have less time to socialize, relax and concentrate on their studies.Time organization is key when faced with this problem. This factor may be extremely significant when becoming an undergraduate student. In addition to these factors, when becoming an undergraduate student it may be found that independence may be forced upon an individual or, on the other end of the scale, the transition to independence is already prepared Matthew Weston Page 3 4/1 1/2008 for. Everyone, before becoming an undergraduate student, has had different past experiences and acquired skills and abilities as a result. For example, some students may have taken a gap year and traveled the world.Therefore, one may expect them to feel confident in their independence compared to a student who has just begun undergraduate student life immediately after A- level education.

Furthermore, because students are now living away from home they must now learn how to cook, clean and organism themselves without any instruction, observation and discipline by parental figures. How effective the transition to undergraduate student life may depend on to what extent parental figure played a part in the student’s life before moving away becoming an undergraduate.If one has already learnt skills in cooking or self- discipline, for instance, then an effective transition to undergraduate student life may be completed in this area. However, someone who has difficulty cooking for them or difficulty organizing their time and then cohering with their schedule may find this factor difficult. Thus, affecting the transition to undergraduate student life in a negative fashion. When reviewing this factor en must address the fact that there are a minority of students whom live at home and commute to university everyday.For these students the pressure of having to suddenly become independent is probably dramatically reduced.

This may help them achieve an effective transition to undergraduate student life, within this factor. Students whom do decide to commute everyday, however, may not make an effective transition socially. They may be less likely to meet new and bond with people as quickly as say, a student moving into halls. In conclusion, there are many more factors that could influence an effective ruinations to undergraduate student life.The three, possibly most common factors, were discussed however another common factor is obviously the workload. This may not be a factor at the beginning of the transition period. Furthermore, each individual will be presented with his or her own additional challenges within this important transitional period.

For example, support for mature students, young parents and students from Matthew Weston Page 4 4/11/2008 different cultures and backgrounds to ours. Finally, one’s support network will assist them in this time period and hopefully resulting in an effective transition.

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