Mapleton Education Foundation Scholarship

12 December 2018

Mapleton Education Foundation Scholarship

Tell us something about you.
What are your future goals and dreams?
How will this scholarship help you meet those dreams?
Why should YOU be chosen for this scholarship?

Mapleton Education Foundation Scholarship Essay Example

I am a charro that is basically like an American cowboy. I have inherited this from my dad and his dad. I am one of the few teenagers that I have seen participate here in Colorado. I ride bulls, mares, and do trick roping. I have only competed twice; we placed second both times out of four teams. The first time I competed my team was low on points. It was my turn to ride the bull and it wasn’t able to buck me off, after that I had to ride the mare which luckily did not buck. Finally I had to do what is called “El Paso De La Muerte” this is where I have to jump from my horse bare back to another horse while they are running and I did it. This scored my team a lot of points and everyone was impressed. The second time I competed I broke my foot when I was getting ready to ride the bull which made me have to quit the team. I didn’t ever really join until I stopped hanging out with a group of gangsters which was at the end of the tenth grade. I knew that what I was doing was bad and that I had to stop because I was giving a bad example for my younger brothers and cousins.

“What would you like to be when you grow up?” I have always been asked this question and it didn’t change until about four years ago. I always wanted to work in construction like my father, until I realized it’s not a fun job. The pay is fine but the work is tough. My father comes home eats a snack and waits for dinner to be ready. He tells me about how exhausted he gets after working more than 40 hours. After noticing that this is all he does I knew that I would never want to work his job. My plans changed and I didn’t know what I wanted to become. The day I heard about a construction manager, I knew that that was what I wanted to become and that college is what would get me there.

This scholarship will help me get through college because if I get through one I will know that I can finish. If I had to start working right after high school and still go to college it would be extremely hard for me. My parents are divorced and I am living with father. It has been difficult on me because I am the second oldest and I have to watch the younger ones. My dad is living with my auntie, and my mom has her own place. They don’t have much money to help me with college. So I will be depending mostly on financial aid, scholarships and a part time job. I don’t want to get a lot of student loans because I hear that they put people in debt. That will give a good example for my younger brothers and sister and my family will be very proud of me.

I should be chosen for this scholarship because I knowing that I have a greater chance at going to college I will take the opportunity to do something great with my life. I want to prove to my parents that I can go to collage and graduate from collage which is something that no one in my family has done. I am already on track by taking two college level classes while being a junior. I changed myself around from failing classes to passing them all and even getting accepted for the college classes. That’s why I think I should be chosen for this scholarship.

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