Margaret Laurence

4 April 2015
A review of the writings of Margaret Laurence.

This paper discusses the works of the author Margaret Laurence and looks in particular at some of her female characters and their headstrong ways and how they have been influenced by the author’s life.
Vanessa’s encounters with death, in the expiration of her loved ones, provide her with a new and frightening knowledge of the depths of her own sorrow. Where Hagar’s old age and stubbornness coalesce into a last-minute about-face, prodded forward by the infringement of death, Vanessa’s interaction with death is as a mourner. With the demise of her grandfather, for instance, the child finds that her perception of great strength and alleged immortality is an illusion made possible by her own inexperience. Where Hagar’s death is a catalyst to her last harbinger of her own limitations.

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