Margaret Sanger: A Quest for Birth Control

4 April 2015
This essay discusses both the positive and negative aspects of Margaret Sanger’s work educating women about contraception.

This paper examines the controversial life and work of Margaret Sanger, and her drive to provide women with an education regarding birth control. The author discusses Sanger’s views on pregnancy, contraception, and the early beginnings of planned parenthood.
“The early twentieth century was a revolutionary turning point in American history. This was especially true regarding woman and their rights. During this time period, there was a tremendous amount of human suffering. Those who endured much of this were women. Although there were many women who made their mark on history during this time period, Margaret Sanger was among the most influential, yet controversial women of her time. Her work in creating what is today known as Planned Parenthood, and her avocations to legalize birth control, remain a controversy to this day. “

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