‘Margaret Thatcher’s achievements as prime minister in the years 1979 to 1990 were limited.’

8 August 2016

Describes few policies or impressions of Thatcher without making any evaluation of achievement or limitation e. g. Thatcher was hated, Thatcher introduced privatisation and the poll tax Only judges one aspect of Thatcher and so will not have links e. g Only evaluates the success of the Falklands war limited accurate and relevant historical support e. g.does not give dates, names, any technical terms There will be little, if any, awareness of differing historical interpretations. e. g. Will not give any balanced view of where she was limited and where she was successful The response will be limited in development and skills of written communication will be weak. E. g. Long sentences without punctuation, no capitals, no paragraphs, bullet points or single sentences used 1-6 Marks.

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‘Margaret Thatcher’s achievements as prime minister in the years 1979 to 1990 were limited.’
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L2: Answers examines both the successes and failures of Thatcher e. g. looks at polarisation of society/destruction of manufacturing base and the restoration of pride/destroying the excessive power of the trade unions They will either be primarily descriptive with few explicit links to the question or they may contain explicit comment but show limited relevant factual support e. g.Describes a range of Thatcher’s policies without any judgment of success or failure or judges one or two successes and/or failures but does not provide evidence to back up the points made Understands that there are successes and failures but portrays this in a way that suggests that the student is unaware that different historians think different things e. g. phrase all opinions as THEIR opinions which seem to change throughout.

Pupil puts a few names of historians or quotes without reason or expresses that different historians have different views but does not go on to explain what they are Any synoptic links will be undeveloped. E. g. will state that Falkland success links to political/ social successes after 1983 but does not explain why Answers will be coherent but weakly expressed and/or poorly structured. E. g. Lacks clarity in sentences, overly long sentences, paragraphs do not have a single ‘theme’.

Student returns to same point later or waffles without making a point 7-15 Marks L3: Answer will assess a range of policies and evaluate the relative success and limitation of each one to form an overall judgment. E. g. Looks at a range of negatives (Division, Combative style, destruction of industry, failure to control inflation, greed is good, poll tax etc. ) and balances them against a range of positives (privatisation, initial control of inflation, political success in 3 elections, right to buy, falklands, cold war etc.) Answers will be explained and evidence will be given but this may not all be accurate or some explanations will need further development. Eg. Gets a few names/dates wrong or explains why Falklands was a success but not why it was particularly Thatcher’s success Answer makes the links between the political, social, economic, foreign nature of the policies but does not explain why they are linked or makes similarities between another part of the course without it being a comparison in terms of success.

Eg. Links privatisation to Churchill’s de-nationalisation of Iron and Steel industries without judging them to be more or less successful The answer understands that different historians or groups of historians put different emphasis on different policies of Thatcher or even judge the same policy differently and the answer portrays them as historical interpretation not the student’s own opinions E. g.

Some historians have argued that the right to buy encouraged the working classes to become aspirational and socially mobile whereas others have argued that it simply denied those at the bottom of the heap access to adequate social housing. Clear themed paragraphs, clear PEEL 16-25 Marks L4: Answers understand the contradictory nature of Thatcher and how difficult it is to be subjective. They may judge the limitations using different criteria (ie how long they lasts, how efficiently they were implemented.

Eg. Privatisation must have been a success as it forced the Labour Party to change their constitution on Clause VI (dropping nationalisation) Answer will evaluate each aspect of Thatcher as to whether it was a success or a limited success and link back to the question focus. E. g. Answer will use the terminology in the question title to focus their assessment of each factor. Answers make links between the reasons or time periods in the course and explain how they are related e. g.

Links the success of Thatcher’s conviction in her success in the Falkland with the failure of her conviction over the poll tax. Answers will give a balanced view of each factor and possibly explain which person or groups of people would argue which side e. g. Whilst hard right wing commentators praised Thatcher’s revolutionary economic policies in the early 1980s the wets would argue that it was an unnecessary attack on the poorest members of society that was only possibly due to north sea oil, is not sustainable and would leave the country worse off than before.

Clear explanations, spelling, grammar and themed paragraphs with topic sentences at the beginning and clear links to question and evaluation of arguments at the end of each paragraph. 26-37 Marks L5: Answers understand the dual nature of the question and the nuances required to answer fully. E. g. Whilst Thatcher can be criticised (or lauded) for attacking the EEC she actually took us further in with the Single European act and the joining of the ERM All paragraphs will have succinct and precise evidence with an understanding of how that factor could not have happened without another factor e.g Her success in the Right to buy was not started by herself; destruction of power of unions was made easier by high unemployment Answer uses initiative and originality to assess the commonly held views of Thatcher rather than to regurgitate them and then explain their own opinion. E. g. Comes up with a view that Mr. G. Summerhayes esq. has not heard before Answers will be well-structured and fluently written E. g Like an article in History Today magazine.

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