Margaret Tudor: The Perils of a Queen

4 April 2015
A look at the tumultuous life and times of a fascinating woman, Margaret Tudor, Queen Regent of Scotland.

This paper chronicles the tumultuous life of Margaret Tudor, Queen Regent of Scotland, sister of the notorious Henry VIII, and grandmother of Mary, Queen of Scots. Although it does touch on the political issues of her day, the author focuses more on Margaret’s personal life, including her three marriages, divorce and her struggle to hold her power in a man’s world.
“The word queen conjures up an image of beautiful clothes, a doting king, happiness and an idle lifestyle. The life of Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland, shatters these myths. Widowed at a young age, she was left to act as regent for her infant son in a climate of political turmoil and dangerous power struggles. As a member of “the weaker sex,” Margaret was not taken seriously and was expected to sit back and let others govern Scotland in her name.

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Margaret refused to do so, and suffered for it. Not even her brother, Henry VIII of England, would aid her unless she agreed to be his pawn. Margaret also flouted convention by marrying for love, not once, but twice, and by divorcing her second husband in a time when marriage was a sacred lifelong bond no matter it’s problems. ”

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