Marginalizing: Major Problem in Of Mice and Men Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Have you of all time witnessed person being mistreated because they are non the same as everyone else? If you saw that individual was belittled. made merriment of. how would you respond? In the novel Of Mice and Men how Lennie. Crooks. and Curley’s married woman are marginalized is what conveys the significance of what it’s like to be put down for such unneeded grounds. The first character to be marginalized is Lennie. He is belittled for being stupid throughout the book. Numerous times George was mouth offing approximately Lennie discoursing how he’s non smart. For case. when he says. “He ain’t bright. Hell of a good worker. though. Hell of a nice chap. but he ain’t bright” ( 29 ) . George was even stating this right in forepart of Lennie like he didn’t attention ; like naming him dense wouldn’t hurt his feelings. In another quotation mark. George Judgess Lennie by his past errors by stating. “Course he ain’t average. But he gets in problem alla clip because he’s so God darn dumb” ( 32 ) . Everyone makes errors. but that doesn’t mean anyone should judge people by their errors.

The 2nd character to be marginalized is Crooks. Many people count him as worthless because he is a black adult male. In one of the quotation marks by Crooks himself. he says. “’Cause I’m black. They play cards in at that place. but I can’t drama because I’m black” ( 49 ) . This meant that he wasn’t allowed in their room to play cards. He had his ain room to stay stray from the other work forces ; an act of segregation. On many occasions in the book. Crooks is called a “nigger” ( 20 ) by different people because of his tegument colour. This signifier of marginalising person is chiefly because of the clip period in the book. which is when racism was happening. In this clip period. the inkinesss were slaves of Whites. and inkinesss were fundamentally considered belongings. so this is why the work forces in the book were contemptuous Crooks with such a derogatory word. The concluding character to be marginalized is Curley’s married woman. Her name is ne’er spoken. doing her more insignificant in the book. She states in one paragraph that a “show come through. an’ I met one of the histrions.

Marginalizing: Major Problem in Of Mice and Men Essay Sample Essay Example

He says I could travel with that show. But my ol’ lady wouldn’t Lashkar-e-Taiba me” ( 61 ) . Curley’s married woman thought that her female parent considered her non suit for an acting calling. On another juncture. the old swamper. stated “Well. I think Curley’s married… . . a tart” ( 25 ) . She gave the feeling that she ever had her oculus on other work forces. so the work forces decided to qualify her as a prostitute. even though she ne’er had an matter with any of the work forces. Besides. when she said she “don’ like Curley. He ain’t a nice fella” ( 62 ) . she tries to acquire Lennie to pay attending to her. to do her non experience so entirely. Curley is ever seeking to watch her and doing certain she doesn’t do anything doing her feel like she’s being treated like a child ; ever holding to be supervised because he doesn’t trust her.

In decision. there are many cases of the characters being marginalized. Wordss can sometimes order how the people we are doing merriment of relate to us and society. The words spoken to Lennie made him experience that he is stupid. The intervention of Crooks. because he was a black adult male helped to trivialise his importance as a human being. Last. Curley’s married woman was made to believe she couldn’t accomplish privation she dreamed to make. because she’s a adult female. She was seeking for credence in other people. In short. people who are marginalized have an impact on how society positions them and our actions.

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