Marianas Trench – “Masterpiece Theater”

9 September 2019

Marianas Trench, a Canadian rock group, released the album “Masterpiece Theater” over a year ago after a two-year wait, despite pressure from fans and their record company, 604 Records. The album features the band’s outstanding musicianship, along with poetic and meaningful lyrics. The CD also shows how the band has matured from their debut, “Fix Me.” With this CD they have remained popular without abandoning their powerful rock style, which truly makes this album a masterpiece.

The musical compositions are well crafted, and feature the band’s best assets. Lead singer Josh Ramsay uses his large vocal range and upper register to enhance the lyrics as well as musical riffs, though it is guitarist Matt Webb whose impeccable plucking makes these riffs catchy and enjoyable. With drummer Ian Casselman’s strong rhythms, and bassist Mike Ayley’s fantastic harmonies, the band captures genuine emotions that make their music exceptional.

The lyrics by Ramsay prove him to be an ingenious artist.

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They go beyond the words on the page, with deep meaning behind them. Even in pop-punk songs like “Celebrity Status,” and “Cross My Heart,” Ramsay manages to create meaningful and powerful messages.

“Masterpiece Theater” has also shown how they have matured since their first album in 2006. “Fix Me” had meaningful lyrics and compelling musicality, but it used profanity to complete its message. On their second album there is no swearing, which perhaps indicates how the band has worked through their insecurities, and no longer relies on dirty lyrics to make songs popular.

In conclusion, “Masterpiece Theater” is a heart-wrenching album for all rock fans. It is spectacular in both lyrical and musical aspects, and shows growth yet consistency.

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