Marijuana Position Paper

7 July 2016

The legalization of Marijuana for medical purposes or even entirely has been hotly debated for some time now. More and more states are passing voter approved bills to legalize the cultivation and use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. One, state, Colorado has even legalized it completely. The legalization of marijuana for medical purposes is in the best interest of the people of the United States. The use of medical marijuana is much more effective and much less toxic to the body than many other pharmaceuticals from the big drug companies.

Legalization brings in a significant amount of revenue by way of tax income to the government, much of which is used to fund public schools. Those opposed to the legalization of marijuana say that it is a gateway drug to other harder drugs and should not be legalized. Those opposed to the legalization cite many studies that have findings consistent with the proposition that marijuana is a gate way drug.

Marijuana Position Paper Essay Example

It is interesting however that most of these studies are done by conservative groups or groups that in some way support the large drug companies. There can be no way to accurately conduct an experiment into whether marijuana and the use of it will lead to the use of other drugs. There are so many other societal factors that come into play when looking at the drug problem in the United States, that to say it is due to marijuana use is a stretch at best.

Physicians that are willing to go out on a limb and support the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes cite huge successes with its use in certain situation and with certain medical conditions such as cancer and glaucoma (Tullo, P. 84). Physicians have reported huge success when it comes to treating a whole host of ailments and applaud the fact that some people can move away from harder prescription drugs. The use and abuse of prescription drugs is a much bigger problem in society than the use of marijuana.

Those in the medical community that are willing to be honest and open about the risks of marijuana to the body as opposed to the risk of harder narcotics, will almost always choose marijuana for their patients (Hart, P. A17). Legalizing marijuana is also a great income source for the government. Tax dollars in states that have legalized and regulated marijuana are reaching staggering figures. In a time when so many state governments are on the brink of collapse, marijuana would be a tremendous boost to the state coffers with very little down side risk.

Colorado for example has earmarked the first $40 million dollars of tax revenue every year to help public schools. Marijuana for medicinal purposes is much less addictive and much less toxic to the body than other opiates and harder prescription drugs. Marijuana can also bring hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue to state governments, many of which are in dire straights economically and could use the type of boost that this income source would be able to provide.

The people that oppose the legalization of marijuana use old fashioned rhetoric to try and scare people into thinking that marijuana is nothing but a gate way drug used by criminals. This argument is unfounded and outdated. The pros of legalization of marijuana so far outweigh the cons that more and more states are getting voter approval. The people are continuing to speak so it is time for everybody to listen. Marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes.

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