In this assignment I will be providing a list of possible careers I would like to follow. A career development plan and where I would like to see myself in 2-5 years.

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Market researchers have a number of Jobs they are required to perform some of the main ones are to Investigate the chosen markets activity like seeing what competitors are doing, assessing future trends, commissioning surveys for the business costumers and co-ordination research projects whether it be inter or external HRS Manager As a human resource manager the purpose of the Job role Is to make the business employs the right people for the right job.

Also when staff are hired the human resource manager are require to make sure staff are fully trained, performing to the company standards and working in a way where they are not in danger of affecting any employment laws. Making sure staffs Is happy within a business are crucial as If staff are not happy they will not work to a good standard. Business teacher As a business teacher the purpose for this role Is do guide students and develop their skills in business. The job role requires going through units on exam board and preparing students for an exam or employment.

Some activities require you to deliver planned lesson cover all the topics and support the students. Business analyst A Business Analysis in the early stages of the Change process is always ensuring that all changes in a business are found and looked at and produce a report to a high quality, associated with the client business and IT strategy, and contributing to the businesses analysis standards Financial service administrator Financial services workers offer their fiscal advice and knowledge to help their customers. Industries inside this business are Insurance companies, Broking firms,

Commercial and Investment banks, Independent financial advisors, among others. Perform an essential public service by offering private and corporate customer’s options for deals on Investments, Insurance, tax, pensions, mortgages and loans. Members of the public respect finance professionals for their expert advice and product knowledge. A business teacher’s roleIs to support and guide students who are on a business course educating them in every topic about the business. I would like to choose this 1 OFF great communication skills and also give you a chance to help others.

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Some requirements for this Job could be: A business degree,teaching degree, above average GEESE and A level results, they must be a good team player, have excellent subject knowledge and also an excellent classroom practitioner. Accountant As an accountant they have to carry out several activities such as creating financial accounts for the business, posting invoices, and stock control and bank recordings. Some requirements the Jobs has is knowledge in sage 50 and economic and condone, these are some financial programs you are required to use. I chose accountancy as because…

Some requirements for an accountant is: Any accountancy experience working with financial documents and programs and Accountancy degrees and qualifications. My career development plan Goals My goals are to go onto university and study for about 3 to 4 years and get a business degree. From there I would like to get a placement at a retail shop as a trainee manager and from here I would like to progress onto a permanent managerial position. Current education My current education is studying in south Thames College BITE business level 3 extended diplomas. This course will help me progress onto university and there I will tart my business degree.

Required education My require education for me to achieve my goals will be to get a business degree, math and English at a C grade minimum. I will need to finish my BITE business level 3 extended diploma at a MOM+ grade or higher. Current skills Some of the skills I currently posses are my CIT skills, I can use Technology to an intermediate level and I great knowledge about technology, I have my CIT certificate to prove this. I also have good communication skills as I am currently employed in a business where communication is used every day too many people so it is required.

I have the skill to work under pressure and problem solving skills. I have these skills because I have been working for 3 years in roles which require you to work independently and these skills are developed. Required skills Some of the required skills that I need to posses are: my time management skills, for example to be able to be on time for things to make better Judgments regarding time. I also need to improve on my organization skills, some aspects of this I need to improve on is organizing my documents in a way it becomes easy to sort what I need to do.

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