Market Survey

2 February 2017

The Case is about a company manufacturing and making company durables like fans and water purifiers for household consumers and commercial firms. The head office is located in Mumbai. According to Mr. Sunil Kumar, the Sales Manager of Swishflow ltd, there is a lack in the staffing process. The company decided to recruit 5 Salesperson to cover major metros and cities of Maharashtra. Advertisements were given in local newspaper. Marketing team took the interview and the candidates were selected.

The candidates faced the problem of finding suitable residence but the company policy did not give consideration for the same. Due to delay in the receipt of fans at Baroda factory salesperson were asked to do the market survey. During this period 2 salesperson left the job after collecting salaries of the previous 2 working months. What improvements do you suggest in the staffing process followed by the company ? 2. Was Sunil Kumar right in getting market surveys done by the new salespersons ? Answers Ans.

Market Survey Essay Example

The improvements in the staffing process followed by the company are as follow: ·The company could have referred to different sources of recruitment. It should have opted employee reference for recruiting the candidates that would help them in selecting a candidate whose complete background would be available and the candidates would have stayed for longer period of time. HIRING ·. The company should have hired the localities of Mumbai who were well aware of the region and regional languages of Mumbai. Some experienced and some freshers should have been recruited so that training part would have been covered easily and timely.

Proper staffing structure should have been followed. The company should have taken preliminary interview, physcometric test of the candidates to select the right candidate because these kinds of test are applied for sales candidates. ·HR person is necessary for any recruitment and selection. The staffing team should have included at least one HR person who would have analyzed the behavior of the candidates Ans. No, Sunil Kumar was not right in getting market surveys done by the new salesperson because: ·They were not having any prior experience of sales.

They were not the localities due to which they faced problems in doing the market survey. One week training was not sufficient for them. The company should have sent the experts for getting the market survey done. For getting the market survey done, they should have been given more than 1 month training. ·Local employees were not sent to do the survey. Local employees should have been sent to do the market study.

Because they would have done the market survey better. Local people are have much knowledge of the region and they would have done the market survey properly and effectively ·The HR person should be there to select the job type of the employees. If the HR person was there in the company, he/she would have selected the right employee for the market survey and the market survey would have been conducted properly. ·Job rotation would have been employed. This would have solved the problem of monotonous job. Doing different kinds of jobs would have created the interest in the minds of employees.

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