10 October 2016

At times, consumers do get confused about the brand endorsed when a single celebrity endorses numerous brands. The recall then gets reduced and reduces the popularity of the brand. Thus, for multiple endorsements where the same celebrity endorses several brands, it boils down to the strength of the brand and the advertising content. Marketers use celebrity endorsers to influence the purchase decision of consumers in order to increase their sales and extend their market shares. Project purposed:

This dissertation focuses on examining the perception of Pakistan consumers about celebrity endorsements, examining the celebrity attributes likely to influence consumer purchase intentions and finally the impact of celebrity endorsements on their purchase intention. This project begins with the review of existing literature available on celebrity endorsements, which provides an insight into the research topic and clarifies many important aspects related to the subject. Celebrity attributes do impact the purchase intention of consumers.

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The aim of this research is to empirically investigate the impact of celebrity endorsements on consumer buying behavior (purchase intention) & if one celebrity is endorsed in multiple brands so what impact will be perceived by consumer in context to Pakistan. Research Problem: The problem defines in below mentioned research questions. Question 1: How do Pakistani consumers perceive Celebrity endorsed advertisements as compared to non-celebrity advertisements? Question 2: Do the attributes from the literature review impact the consumer purchase intentions to buy a product when celebrities are used as endorsers?

Question 3: How do celebrities impact the consumer purchase intention when are used as endorsers? Question 4: What is the impact of a single celebrity endorsed in multiple brand advertisement Scope of Study & Objective: We are trying to find the relationship between consumer perceived value by celebrity endorsement in advertisements as compared to non-celebrity advertisements, impact of consumer purchase intentions & Major part is if one celebrity in endorsed by different brand so what impact on consumer mind, perceived value

Our objectives are to extract the exact result of the personality’s endorsement on the product sales and the variation of the consumer buying behavior of the product. The second objective is to understand which big-shots in the industry have successfully understood this phenomenon and amended their advertisement skills to tone themselves with the present market condition, and which of the unfortunates haven’t been able to match themselves with the trend and where they lack behind Literature Review: Marketers are developing strategies using various appeals including sexual, emotional, humor .

The motive behind formulating such strategies is to gain high brand exposure, attention, interest, desire and action. In order to do this, marketers employ well known and famous personalities in other word celebrities. Many big brands have recognized the importance of celebrity endorsements as marketing communication tool. Celebrity Endorsements is a billion dollar industry in today‘s era. it shows that celebrities play an important role in the advertising industry. Celebrity endorsement has become a common practice in order to differentiate the product from other competing brands in a highly competitive.

Classical Conditioning Paradigm in Marketing Communications Context Problem Statement: The problem we are dealing with here is to help the FMCGs industry to find out the consequences of celebrity endorsement on the buying behavior of the people at students level. As a researcher, the client problem has to be resolved efficiently and an unbiased and fair result has to be concluded regarding the problem mentioned above. Hypothesis: We believe that celebrity endorsement has a massive affect on the consumer decision making in the buying process Research design:

We would design the research as an exploratory research. Since we wish to gain more of the consumer’s view on the topic, therefore we would engage qualitative research and align quantitative research along-side. Questionnaires would be the main source of gathering information. But if needed we would also conduct focus group for further detailed information. Dependent Variable: Purchase Intentions Independent Variables: Trust Worthiness Similarity Likeability Meaning transfer Celebrity Target audience Celebrity Associates Values Model: Methodology:

A quantitative method is used for this research project to investigate the perceptions of the consumer, attributes and its subsequent impact on purchase intention. The data is collected through a questionnaire and later analyzed using the data analysis software SPSS Bibliography: ·Chaiken, S. , (1979). Communicator Physical Attractiveness and Persuasion. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 137, August pp. 1387-139 ·Choi, S. M. and Rifon, J. N. , (2007), Who is the Celebrity in Advertising? Understanding Dimensions of Celebrity Image? , Journal of Popular Culture, Blackwell Publishing, Inc. , Vol. 40, No. 2. 04-325 ·Churchill, G. A. Jr. , (1995). Marketing research, methodological foundations, the drydeu press, G. edition, Newyork, USA ·Cohen, J. B. and Golden, E. , (1972), Informational Social Influence and Product Evaluation. Journal of Applied Psychology, 56, February, pp. 54-59 ·Cooper, D. R. and Schindler, S. , (2003). Business research methods, 8th Int. Ed. , Boston: McGraw-Hill. ·Cooper, D. R. and Schindler, P. S. , (2008). Business Research Methods. McGraw Hill Higher Education; 10th edition ·Cooper, M. , (1984). Can Celebrities Really Sell Products Marketing and Media Decisions, September, pp. 64, 65 and 120. Creswell, J. W. , (2003). ?Research Design: Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods Approaches?. Thousand Oaks, CA, Sage. ·Creswell, J. W. , (2009). Research design: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches, Sage Publications, 3rd edition. ·Crimp, M. and Wright, L. T. , (1995). The marketing research process, 4th edition, Prentice Hall, London. ·Croft, R. , Dean, D. , and Kitchen, P. J. , (1996). Word-of-Mouth Communication: Breath of Life or Kiss of Death? In: The Proceedings of the Marketing Education Group Conference, Glasgow: The Department of Marketing, University of Strathclyde. ·Dean, D.

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