Marketing and Advertisement

5 May 2017

The concerns Introduction-What Is Advertisement, A Marketing Tool? Advertisement is a communication tool, used in marketing to promote the product in public. The main aim is to increase the sales, through perfect promotion (Percy and Elliot,2012). Advertisement is one of the key factors in brand building and sustaining the same. The main aim of advertisement is to remind and persuade the existing and potential customer to make a purchase decision. Advertisement should be deep and fresh in consumers mind for them to easily remember the product and brand.

Thus advertisement is an essential tool to marketers to measure the consumer reference. lf advertisement fails, then the money and effort put into it is for waste. The means of advertising is basically Medias like television and internet now a day, with less importance to press and posters. To be precise, advertisement techniques are imaginative and is not a fool proof technique (White,2000). With the above statement it can be clearly understood that there are drawbacks to advertisement. Which can indeed turn out to be the critics as well as concerns which can curtail the impact of advertisement to both advertiser and the targeted consumers?

Marketing and Advertisement Essay Example

Whether his can be right or can be nullified is the biggest challenge in front of a marketer (Percy and Elliot,2012). So the future lies in the hand of studies which can come up with valued elements and truths to overcome the concerns. Below, are some of the concerns of advertisements and an inside look. The Future of Advertisement with an In-depth Analysis on Concerns Advertisement is everywhere, every day we tent to see a lot of different form and type of advertisement. Due to this many concerns have come up. Lets discuss a few below. ) Advertisement creates irrelevant desires: To begin with, advertisement at times end to create a look out for unattainable goals. The perspective of a common man are challenged. At certain point it creates pointless wants and exaggerates the need for a perfect life (Percy and Elliot,2012). That means transforming a normal product into a desirable product. So advertisement can change the identity of the product. In a nutshell advertisement can give different meanings for a single product(Trampe,Stapel and Siero,2010).

For example: High heel shoes was meant to be introduced as a neutral product, however consumers took it as a means to enhance self-image and beauty due to the advertisement(Trampe,Stapel and Siero, 010). Although there are critics which blames other social elements to be a part in such concerns, like movies and magazines portraying such an image, I strongly believe that the concern is true when it comes to majority of brands, especially cloths and accessories. Fashion and trend is often regulated by advertisement. b) Advertisement is deceiving: The second most concern about advertisement is that, it is misleading.

Some advertisement tend to hold things which are not there in the actual product. Like the advertisement will value other aspects rather than valuing the actual product(Percy and example: Using images in dvertisement. Lot of cosmetic brands and fashion magazines are used to put up images of women to target the segmented customers. So that they can be fooled by the image which are not related to the actual product. Even then the consumers have a urge to try the product hoping that they turn out to be like the image shown in the advertisement (Perez ,2011).

To an extend the concept seems to be a concern, I strongly stand against that because as a human being people should have the common sense and market knowledge to understand that these kind of images cannot mislead them in trying out a product. c) Advertisement disgrace our ntelligence: Thirdly, advertisement is said to insult the brilliance and intellect of a person. Once the concept hits, both the advertiser as well as the consumer can get confused. An advertiser may advertise a product but since different sector of people have different views and thinking capacity, it may be taken as a disgrace by some.

This may be a drawback as they may miss a genuine product (Percy and Elliot, 2012). For example: Human models and cartoon characters used in cigarettes, beer and non-alcoholic beverages. Which in turn, a certain majority felt as an and Hunn,2000). By far i agree to this concern, as this appens more than not in many beverages advertisement. Seen people offended by the advertisement and dropping the product. d) Advertisement not adhering to ethical values:Finally,advertisement is valued as unethical.

There are set codes and rules for advertisement, then also some advertisement brakes the line to go beyond the ethics as the legal side cannot bind the ethical values (Percy and Elliot,2012). For example: The sexual objectification of women in advertisement. This was a highly discussed concern as surveys show the impact was so deep. Young graduated, women fell in pray for such advertisement techniques (Zimmerman and Dahlberg, 008). ‘ believe that this concern is not up to the mark, as long as it does not affect or harm, does it really matter?

Conlusion By far advertisement is one of the powerful communication tool in marketing and sales. As the means and reach of advertisement is wide and it covers entire segment of consumers, it’s relatively the easiest mode of promotion. So it can be said advertisement has a future. Since the future of advertisement is of wide scope, it’s important to take all the above concerns into count (Cappo,2003). The advantages of advertisement and the modern era of life style helps the marketers in targeting ifferent group of consumers differently. The technology growth is enhancing the concept of advertisement.

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