Marketing and Facebook

9 September 2016

What are the advantages and disadvantages for the Carmex marketing team in collecting data to narrow the flavor choices from three to two using (a) an online survey of a cross-section of Internet households. The advantages of online surveys are that the cost is relatively minimal and the turnaround time from data collection to report presentation is much quicker than the traditional methods.

However, online surveys have serious drawbacks: Some consumers may view email surveys as “junk” or “spam” and may either choose not to receive them (if they have a “spam blocker”) or purposely delete them, unopened. 2. (a) On a Facebook brand page, what are the “engagement” and “likes” really measuring? On a Facebook page, the “engagements” and “likes” measure the size of the brand’s consumers and audience and how active its audience with the actual page and/or product being advertised. (b) For Camex, which is more and why? Carmex drives “engagement” with their consumers as an opportunity to their Facebook community.

Marketing and Facebook Essay Example

The benefits of this strategy is to narrow the number of flavors to be researched from three to two and then to enhance the connections with the Facebook community. Narrowing the flavor choices reduces the cost of the marketing research substantially. By this, Carmex can both reduce expected costs while simultaneously linking better to consumers on its Facebook page. 3. (a) What evokes consumers’ “engagement “on a brand page on Facebook? Consumers “engagement on a brand page like Facebook is evoked by consumers having the ability to engage with a brand they like and have their opinions count and are heard.

b) What attracts consumers to “like” a brand page on Facebook? Consumers are attracted to “like” a Facebook page because consumers can comment or share their opinions about different products. Companies can also enter contests set up by the company of the Facebook pages. 4. (a) What are the advantages of using a fixed-alternative poll question on Facebook? The advantages of using a fixed-alternative poll question on Facebook are that consumers need to only click on a flavor to vote for their favorite flavor. This quick and anonymous and will drive more people o vote, where more voted mean more engagement. b) When do you think it would be better to use an open-ended question? It would always be better to use open ended questions when you are trying to minimize or narrow down the number of choices for a particular product, because it gives respondents the opportunity to express opinions, ideas, or behaviors in their own words. It captures the voice of the respondent. 5. (a) If you had a limited budget and two weeks to decide which two flavors to put into quantitative testing, would you choose a “poll only” or a “contest only” strategy? Why?

If I had a limited budget and timeline to decide on which two flavors to put in qualitative testing, I would choose the “poll only” strategy. Using the “poll only” strategy would require low cost and would return high “engagement” numbers. (b) If you had a sizable budget and two months to make the same decision, which scenario would you choose? Why? If time and money were more elastic, I would use the poll and contest Facebook strategy because although it cost more, I can run the limited-edition flavor contest to promote new likes, while posting the poll question on its Facebook wall to drive engagement.

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