Marketing and the Tobacco Industry

4 April 2015
A paper which examines how the tobacco industry markets its products.

Approximately every day the tobacco industry loses around 7,000 customers in the U.S. alone. This paper examines ways in which the tobacco industry markets its products in order to retrieve some of these lost customers, with emphasis on promoting cigarettes to the younger generation. Issues explored include cartoon characters, free cigarette giveaways, sponsored public events and walking billboards. The paper also discusses the results of these attempts on product marketing.
“The most shocking example is the RJR Nabisco’s Joe Camel campaign that aimed to hit its young targets. (Ad week’s Marketing Week, 1991) Joe Camel has greatly influenced not only the teenagers between the ages of 14- 18 years but even the very young. For instance of the study showed that almost one-third of three-year-olds matched Joe Camel with cigarettes and by the age of six, children were as familiar with him as with the Mickey Mouse (Brand Logo Recognition by Children Aged Three to Six Years, 1991).”
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