Marketing aspect for camias bleach

7 July 2016

Marketing Aspect is to determine the suitability of property for profitable. The word aspect is a way something is viewed by mind. It compose of the 4p’s the Price, Product, Place and promotion. The modern aspect of modern marketing is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It is also manage to meet customer needs, labelling to help consumer make choices, using packaging to promote the measure of balance diet. It can also determine if the opportunity is possible, practical and variable. It can also enables a realistic views at both positive and negative aspect of opportunity.

Marketing aspect also study the typical involvement of testing the geographical locations for real estate development. Description of product Stains are one of man’s worst enemy. No matter how hard we try, it appears in our clothes. The good thing is we can remove it through commercial stain removers. One bad thing about these commercialized detergents is that it contains substances which may be harmful to us and our environment. Melissa McCarty, ND, at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health outside of Seattle, says chlorine bleach and stain-lifting solvents produce harmful fumes, can irritate skin and eyes, and can be fatal if swallowed.

Marketing aspect for camias bleach Essay Example

She adds that researchers have linked the chemicals to cancer and reproductive disorders as well. The greatest risk, McCarty says, might be our repeated exposure to thousands of chemicals over our lifetimes. “Your toxic burden builds up, and your sensitivity increases,” she says, “and you’re more likely to have side effects. ” Fortunately, the researchers heard of the use of kamias fruit as an alternative stain remover. It is 100% natural, health friendly, safe and affordable. Clothing stains can be removed with Kamias fruit due to the content of oxalic acid. This fruit has several helpful uses.

Some of these uses are, remove rust from hands, cure skin disease and can be used for coughs. Kamias juice is rich in oxalic acid, making it ideal for keeping a knife blade clean or restoring the luster to rusted brass. Kamias juice can also effectively clean hand stains can also when soap and water can’t get the job done. Many of the chemicals found in our homes are used to make our lives easier. But we don’t realize the consequences of using many of these substances. Think before you pour waste down the sink. Only natural substances should be disposed in our sewer systems. Be wary and read labels.

And whenever possible, use alternative non-toxic products that will curtail the destruction of the environment. Target Market Consumers today are more sophisticated and practical than those of the past generations. Demands are more exacting, and their taste changes more volatile. Markets tend to be segmented as each group calls for products suited to its particular tastes. Determining the exact segment of the population that is likely to buy a product, and then developing a marketing campaign to enhance the product’s image to fit that particular segmentation. Our product target those laundry shop located in the vicinity of Bulacan.

Also it can also be patronize by the Housewife who are partly irritated by removing stains. We target those people who sometimes experience an unexpected event like having a stains due to being clumsy while eating in a fine dining restaurant or going to school having stains because of the vehicle we ride going to school. We also depend our price in the capability of our marketer. Historical Demand In an effort to save on their household expenses, consumers use fewer amounts of household products that what is ideal contributing a slower growth for stain remover products in 2013.

Furthermore, consumer’s desire to simplify their household chores led to a preference for products which have multiple benefits over those which have a specialized use. Consequently, growth in demand for stain removal products which have alternative substitutes available was limited by the preference for convenience amongst consumers who are at the same time looking for ways to lower their daily expenses. Government initiatives towards more environment-friendly business practices have heightened consumer desire to contribute towards the preservation of the environment.

More organic and natural home care products from entrepreneurs and international companies sold online, through retail outlets and weekend markets have provided eco-friendly alternatives to consumers. The limited distribution and consumer awareness of these products, however, has contributed to their status as comprising a specialized niche area in home care. The presence of numerous outlets in various parts of the country means that a supermarket is the main distribution channel for home care products.

SM Investment Corp has been continuously expanding its retail chains, especially in areas outside Metro Manila. Puregold likewise aggressively expanded in 2012. Supermarkets, in general, are more capable of providing consumers with a wide product and brand assortment, price incentives and promotions and thus recorded the highest retail value share among other distribution channels in 2013. Home care is expected to record better value growth over the forecast period compared to the review period.

Significant improvements in the economy are expected to attract more investments which will translate into improved employment opportunities and a likely rise in consumer purchasing power. Home care products which are basic necessities are expected to benefit from these developments. Demand and Supply analysis This chart shows the demand of consumers to a bleach in selected sari-sari stores, and the supply of bleach in stores. Store owners manage to stock small amount of 500ml bleach in their stores because consumers manage to buy 100ml of bleach due to the way of their thinking that they can save a lot of money when they buy 100ml bleach.

The time usage of bleach also affect the consumers, most of the households in the barangays use bleach only during weekends(Friday & Saturday) the day of cleaning up the house and washing the clothes so they buy the 100ml bleach. The number of member in a family affects also the consuming of the product. All societies necessarily make economic choices. Society needs to make choices about what should be produced how those goods and services should be produced, and who is allowed to consume those goods and services and satisfies those needs and wants through exchange processes and building long term relationships.

Marketing can be looked as an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, delivering and communicating value to customers and managing customer relationship in ways that also benefit the organization and its consumers. We market our product Camia All-Purpose because kamias has its effectiveness as an alternative stain remover. Stains are one of the Man’s worst enemy. Unfortunately no matter how hard we try it appears in our clothes. The good thing is we can remove it through commercial stain removers.

Bad thing about commercialized detergents is that it contains substances which may be harmful to us and in our environment. Researchers heard of the use of Kamias as an alternative stain remover it is natural, health-friendly and affordable There is also an equilibrium point to the supply and demand in the 250ml bleach because of the high demand of 100ml and low demand of 500ml bleach the result is the 250ml bleach becomes an option of consumers when the 100ml bleach was sold out.

The demand of 500ml bleach is low because 75% of the family in the barangays belongs to middle class of living it is not wise for them to buy a large amount of bleach. The demand and supply of bleach Result: 1. During summer the demand is lower because 28% of population is students. 2. December has the highest demand because many family occasions happens in this month. 3. 28. 1% of Filipinos are belongs to ethnic groups. (usually they don’t use bleach) Marketing Shares Instant stain remover works to eliminate new stains within a matter of minutes.

This popular type of stain remover is ideal for any stain that has not had time to set completely. Many different companies now manufacture instant stain removers as a response to a large amount of consumer demand. Stain removers that are meant to work instantly are also easily portable. While most people have a variety of stain removers at home, this is not the case when a person is on the go. Many years ago, staining a fabric meant waiting to remove that stain until the fabric could be washed in a washing machine. However, this is not the case today.

Thanks to new technology, stains can be eradicated instantly. The stain removal and all-purpose cleaner market is massive. We don’t even need 1% market cap (in to the products component) to have a tremendous impact on the company and its revenues and operations. There are many products established in the market, some with strong following, and some with disappointing results to consumers. The market is very large. Good products generally find their way to the top through word of mouth and strong relationship building with distributors/retailers.

Marketing Program “CAMIA” All Purpose Cleaner ’target market is A,B and C classes in SEC. Women and men from the age of 14 and beyond, who are very social, participate in every walk of life, and who want to seek high quality product for moderate prices. Lower class is supposed to be targeted as it makes the masses of the country. But since this item is considered as a luxury item it won’t appeal to them. Their economic standards give them the option to afford normal second tier washing detergents in small quantities only.

We did not targeted males / females below the age of 14 because of the fact that, at this age they are least bothered about stains on their clothes and secondly they are depending on a fixed pocket money, which won’t allow them to spend on this luxury, as this product will hold little significance to them. Trademark “CAMIA” All Purpose Cleaner’ is our brand name. The reason we have chosen this name is that it depicts the complete essence of our product. “Camia” comes from Kamias, the main ingredient of this product. It also clearly states that out product would be tough on stains by completely eradicating them from the fabrics.

Furthermore, it is easy to say and can easily be transformed into a generic name for an organic cleaning product. As we all are aware of the fact that the best positioning is the one which is based on culture, beliefs and benefits of a product. Therefore we would position our product on this line “Tough on Stains, Light on Clothes”. As we hardly have any competitor in the market, therefore our primary focus would be to develop product awareness in essence to its features with regards to clean-ability, accessibility, disposability, and portability, these rational appeals would be.

There would be a gap of at least 3 months from product launch associated with our primary positioning and then moving onto emotional targeting of consumer base. These efforts would enhance our products equity and help us capture a relatively huge market share that would be faithful to our brand after consideration to both rational and emotional advantages of our product. Logo Packaging “CAMIA” All Purpose Cleaner’ will be packaged in high quality plastic bottles, so as they are easy to carry. We would have a well-designed packaging because these days packaging is playing a vital role in promoting the product.

The plastic bottle will be having a label of “CAMIA” All Purpose Cleaner’ on it. The price of the product as well as its manufacturing and expiry dates would also be printed. All the ingredients would be mentioned and a social message of ‘keep your city clean’ would also be imprinted. Furthermore, its’ essential features would also be mentioned in bullet form. PRICE: Our pricing strategy is based on price skimming strategy but it would be easily affordable for families belonging to A, B and C classes of SEC.

We have followed target costing approach, which enabled us to set a price which, if charged in the market, would be acceptable to the target audience. PRODUCT POSITIONING: “CAMIA” All Purpose Cleaner’ would serve as your companion whenever you are away from home, as they would help you to keep your clothes clean at all times when you are on a move. Its attractive features are mentioned below: Eco-friendly Portable Easy to use Highly effective on stains Removes stains within 4 seconds that too without damaging your cloth.

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