Marketing aspect

7 July 2016

The management of Head’s Up is moderately efficient. They have accommodating and friendly personnel who provides the needs of their customers wherein they will ask what services they want to avail and instantly accommodate them. They have well equipped facilities and modern equipment that pave the way for more efficient ways of providing services for the customer’s convenience. E. SUPPLIERS The business supplier is from Luzon specifically Manila where they are exclusively supplying the treatments and medicines as well as other needs that they have to Head’s Up.

Atty. Raymond said that they paid high to their supplier for exclusively purposes wherein they have a stall for the products that the supplier has at Ever Mall building 2nd floor. F. MARKETING MIX Place One of the most important aspects to consider for a business is its location. Wherein there are number of factors that need to be considered these are the customer needs and the employee needs such as customer convenience, parking, and accessibility. Head’s Up is located at 21 Silliman Avenue, Dumaguete City.

Marketing aspect Essay Example

Head’s Up location is considered as a strategic location knowing the fact that it is near to its target market which are the young professional, students, the foreigners and the walk-ins. Service Head’s Up being in a beauty industry offer the utmost service to the customers for it is the reason for its existence to give customer a great service and convenience that would give its customers a reason to come back. Promotion Promotion of a business establishment is important for it helps in positioning its image to its target market.

Advertisement of an establishment is one way to garner publicity; Heads Up was launch in Metro Post newspaper and was later introduced in Negros Chronicles News and tied-up Radio station here in the City. Other than that Atty. Raymond told us that nothing more is effective to the word of mouth to its customers. Price The rates of their services are based on the price of the treatments and other medicines they use and also the services are priced in such a way that they compare themselves to the rates of their competitors.

Head’s Up also offer 10% off to all services to its VIP cardholders and they also have happy hours to their SPA services specifically the Full Body Massage from 2pm-6pm wherein the price differ from its regular rate. Since one of their target markets are the students they also offer a student price range which is cheaper than the regular price. While in barbershop services they have this “Blowout” day every Tuesday wherein they price their haircut service half to its existing price.

The following are the services and their corresponding rates of Head’s Up Barbershop, Salon and Spa. G. COMPETITOR’S ANALYSIS Competitive analysis plays a vital component in every business which made the owner aware the competition happening between its competitors. The following are one of the competitors of Heads Up Barbershop, Salon and Spa: Carlo Reyes Beauty Salon located at Perdices Street, Dumaguete City Cuttin’ Loose Hair & Nail Studio located at Portal West Bldg. Silliman Avenue, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

Art Box located at Sta. Rosa Street, Dumaguete City. David Salon located in front of Spanish Heritage San Jan Street, Dumaguete City Jade Spa & Massage located at San Jose Street, Dumaguete City Grand Royal Spa located 2nd floor RM Building, North National Highway, Bantayan, Dumaguete City. These are the establishments which are considered the most competitive in the Beauty Industry and Spa industry wherein these businesses have already establish a name towards to their respective services.

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