Marketing, Chimichangas and the Internet

1 January 2019

An amazing imaginary chimichanga is created by a traditional local Mexican-American business, “El Burrito Crazy.” This imaginary scenario takes place during the pre-internet marketing era and the imaginary business is actively dedicating most of its marketing budget towards outbound marketing, as it is in fact working effectively. The chimichanga is believed the best by the massive amounts of customers that have tasted it, customers are pouring in and the business is generating respectable income. “The best chimichanga American taste buds have ever tasted period.” the television advisement proclaims as millions of Americans rush to El Burrito Crazy after a hard day’s work to obtain their mouthwatering chimichangas. The radio spots during peak times are actively attracting customers, as well as the print ads in magazines, newspapers and the occasional flyers. All is going according to plan. Fast forward thirty years to 2012, all is not going according to plan. Their prior successful commercial model continues to be run, with updated celebrity models accompanied by fresh taglines, of course. In an effort to rekindle their prior success through marketing, the company hires an independent research company. During one of the research company’s trial runs with El Burrito Crazy’s new commercial, the tested customer being begins to watch the updated 2012 commercial. The tagline begins to be read through the celebrity’s mouth “America’s favorite chimichan…” The commercial gets interrupted by an impatient, bored, channel surfing, phone checking modern day American. The trials inevitably fail.

El Burrito Crazy is gasping for a successful marketing strategy and under the guidance of a creative and experienced marketing manager the company begins to realize that modern day inbound marketing opportunities are not being implemented. Accustomed to the pre-internet marketing procedures the company is still allocating the majority of their marketing budget to outbound marketing, while still a successful strategy, inbound marketing paired with social media could definitely be a viable option for El Burrito Crazy. Evidently, Facebook in 2012 is flourishing as an advertising medium; Twitter is actively providing a direct relationship with customers and 88% of internet users consult with search engines while browsing for products. As the marketing panorama has changed with the introduction of the internet El Burrito Crazy’s successful marketing strategy could literally be just a click away. In an age where the once hugely successful television, radio and print advertisings are becoming both increasingly ineffective and expensive; the birth of the internet-marketing age arrives to the rescue for businesses.

Marketing, Chimichangas and the Internet Essay Example

The impact of internet marketing in the business world was further fueled by a crucial factor, the mobile device phenomena. Once internet marketing was paired with the mobile devices, such as smartphones, the business world was completely revolutionized in the sense of accessibility. Marketing improved for both small businesses as well as large corporations as an outcome of the introduction of mobile devices. While it is true that mobile devices revolutionized the means by which customers’ accessed their information and handled their daily decisions, internet marketing modified the data consumers accessed as well as lowered the overall cost of marketing which in turn allowed companies of all sizes the amount of exposure needed. In the age of traditional marketing, such as when the imaginary business El Burrito Crazy began, companies were forced to allocate a substantial amount of their marketing budget towards traditional forms of marketing that include television, radio and magazine advertisements. In the present age, companies benefit from modern marketing techniques such as twitter, Facebook, Yelp and LivingSocial.

Social networks and business discovery applications give businesses the opportunity to obtain increased exposure and range while being non-invasive towards the customer. Since the customer initially consults the Yelp or LivingSocial app on their smartphone by choice, they are already searching for a business to satisfy their needs. This categorizes mobile apps as inbound marketing as well as being non-invasive. A prime example of a company that uses internet marketing to their advantage would be Crest Hill Illinois’ Aunt Nina’s Sweets ‘n’ Treats. This small corporation utilizes discovery apps such as LivingSocial and twitter to help attract customers searching for baking, candy and venue solutions. Once the customer has been introduced to the company and has purchased their products or used their services, Aunt Nina’s Sweets ‘N” treats uses Yelp to obtain positive reviews. The simple act of getting a positive review from a customer increases brand image.

The fact that a webpage created in a certain country has the ability to be accessed from anywhere in the world benefitted International corporations like El Burrito Crazy. Once tied down to regional advertisements due to monetary restrictions, companies can now creatively create marketing campaigns that will generate worldwide interest in a brand.

The improvements and advantages that were presented by the revolution of internet marketing and the smartphone phenomena point to consumers’ lives being forever mobilized. This indicates that internet marketing, and marketing in general, will have to continually streamline itself with changing technologies and market trends in order to create successful marketing campaigns. According to modern internet marketing, El Burrito Crazy’s successful comeback campaign will be in the company’s ability to use ever-evolving technology and its tools to provide solid and useful information to their customers.

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