Marketing in the Late 19th Century

4 April 2015
Background, theory & practice of product promotion & advertising in print media. Includes examples (steel, medicine, cigarettes) and looks at the psychological aspect, socioeconomics and ethics.

Marketing Practices in the late Nineteenth Century
The development of marketing thought as a theory began early in the twentieth century (Bartels, 1976, p. 9). Before that, market and trade behaviors were explained from a macroeconomic viewpoint (Bartels, 1970, p. 32) that characterized man as a social individual and an economic entity (Bartels, 1976, p. 13). Although such theories did discuss buyer behavior in the market, they did not offer a theory from the standpoint of the market or consumer until the contention that consumption is the end and object of production became the basis for marketing writers’ taking a more consumer viewpoint (Bartels, 1976, p. 13).

Marketing in the Late 19th Century Essay Example

Advertising Practices Leading up to the Late Nineteenth Century
The seventeenth century marked the development of the..

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