Marketing intelligence

6 June 2017

What Is your qualification? ry satlsTlea satisfied neutral unsatisfied very unsatisfied Overall, how satisfied were you with the product / service? Definitely probably not sure probably not definitely not Would you recommend our product / service to colleagues or contact within your family? Would you used our product / service in the future? Less than a month 1-6 months 7-11 months 1-3 years over 3 years never used How long have you used our product / service? Everyday once a week more than once a week 2 to 3 times a month once a month less than once a month How often do you used our product / service?

What aspect of the product / service were you most satisfied by? Quality Price purchase experience installation or first use experience usage experience customer service repeat purchase experience Thinking of similar product / service offered by other companies, how would you compare the attributes of the product / service offered by our company? Much better somewhat better about the same somewhat worse much worse don’t know Ease 0T use customer support price quality performance What do you like about our product / service? What do you ? dislike about our product / service

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