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8 August 2016

Chapter 6 – Analyzing Consumer Markets and Buyer Behavior True/False Questions 1. Whirlpool uses staff anthropologists to determine how exotic cultures do their laundry. False (easy) p. 111 2. Culture is the most fundamental determinant of a person’s wants and behavior. True (moderate) p. 112 3. Social classes are relatively heterogeneous and enduring divisions in a society. False (difficult) p. 113 4. If you reject the values of a particular group, it is considered a dissociative group. True (moderate) p. 113 5. Religious, professional, and trade union groups are types of secondary reference groups.

True (moderate) p. 113 6. Of the major factors influencing buying behavior, your family will exert the broadest and deepest influence. True (moderate) pp. 114-115 7. Family members constitute the most influential primary reference group. True (easy) pp. 114-115 8. An opinion leader is a person who offers informal advice or information about some product category. True (easy) p. 114 9. The value of the social class concept to marketers is that members of a given class tend to share similar values, interests, and behavior.

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True (moderate) p. 113 10.

Usually people from the same subculture, social class, and/or occupation have essentially the same lifestyle. False (moderate) p. 116 11. The buyer’s age and occupation are considered personal factors that may affect buying decisions. True (easy) pp. 115-116 12. Because human needs are universal, status symbols are the same worldwide. False (moderate) p. 117 13. VALS 2 is designed to reveal why people believe and act as they do, specifically their consumer behavior. True (moderate) p. 116 14. The VALS 2 segment Experiencers is made up of conservative, conventional, and traditional people who favor familiar products and established brands.

False (moderate) p. 116 15. Perception involves selecting, organizing, and interpreting information inputs to create a meaningful picture of the world. True (moderate) p. 118 16. Most human behavior is learned. True (easy) p. 119 17. The buying decision process will involve the same stages regardless of whether the purchase reflects high or low involvement. False (moderate) p. 120 18. If in order to buy a computer, James visited several electronic stores, read magazine reviews, and talked to several friends, he would have exhibited high involvement in the consumer decision process.

She has gone to the country club every weekend since she can remember. She likes to take tennis lessons and has even tried golfing. She is co-captain of her high school’s varsity cheerleading squad. Her parents would like her to join the Honor Society (his grades are good enough), but she thinks its members are losers. Her boyfriend is a starter on the basketball team. In a short essay, identify the different types of reference groups and discuss the three ways they influence behavior. Answer: Tiffany’s parents, the other cheerleaders, and the Blink-182 fan club are primary groups.

The people at the country club is a secondary reference group. She sees the Honor Society group as a dissociative reference group. The boyfriend’s clique may be an aspirational group. Tiffany’s reference groups expose her to new behaviors and lifestyles. They influence her attitude and self-concept. And they create pressure for conformity that might affect actual product and brand choices. (moderate) pp. 113-115 73. Aubrey, Will, and Miguel were watching the Arizona Diamondbacks on television when a Dodge truck commercial came on followed shortly by one for Toyota trucks.

Will is in the market for a new truck, so he paid close attention to both commercials. Aubrey saw the same commercial and wondered why anyone would want to run a shiny new truck through all that mud. If you had to drive it in the mud, then a truck was not for her. Miguel used to have a Toyota truck and decided that if his experience were any indicator, the Toyota truck truly is “the mayor of Truckville. ” In a short essay, discuss how their responses to the TV commercials illustrate perception? p. 118 74. The information search in the buying decision process involves gathering information from a number of sources.

In a short essay, name the four different sources and give examples of each source an individual would use when buying new carpeting. Answer: Personal sources would include family, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances. Commercial sources would include advertising, salespeople, and store displays. Public sources include publicity pieces in print and broadcast media, including the Internet, and reports by consumer-rating organizations. Experiential sources might by taking your shoes off and walking on samples at the store or feeling a friend’s new living room carpeting with your hands. (easy) p. 122 75. Explain how a consumer buying a car is involved in a cluster of activities, as opposed to being involved in only a single task. Answer: The act of making a decision to buy a car is itself a complex task. But consumers engaged in such a process are generally in the market for other related goods and services at the same time. For example, after deciding which car to purchase, the consumer needs to consider car insurance providers, their premiums and service levels. Most consumers finance, rather than pay for a car outright.

This involves assessing different options, such as which bank, credit union, or other source to choose, as well a comparison of the interest rates they each may charge. The consumer also may be considering whether to add on accessories, either as part of the purchase or as post-purchase additions. This is referred to as an activity cluster in the text. (moderate) p. 121 Mini-Cases Mini-Case 6-1 Sean McMillan is shopping for a new car. He is very concerned about receiving value for his money. He believes cars are transportation and should be driven until they fall apart.

He does not understand how people can trade in their car for a new one every few years. This view of cars is very much part of his Scottish-Irish heritage. Sean’s lifestyle can be best described as comfortable, frugal, reflective, mature, and stable. He favors durability, functionality, and value in the products he buys. He must have a vehicle that is large enough to hold his two teenagers comfortably. After talking to his wife, his brother, and a few co-workers, Jim test drives a minivan but decides he likes SUVs with V-8 engines. 76. Refer to Mini-Case 6-1.

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