Describe the elements that make up the marketing mix
The advertising combine is regularly referred to as the “4Ps”-result, cost, place and advertising. Putting together what buyers are looking for the selling industry need to deliver products to please them. The item should be selling in affordable price and in the exact place.

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Explain the term sponsorship. Name a sponsorship deal that you think was effective. Answer explanation. Adidas was launched 1949 by Adolf Dassler and since 1984 has joined and supplied Team BG in UK. Many of the well knows athletes were wearing ADIDAS at the Olympic Games. The marketing strategy of the company was well planed- letting the famous athletes to have their brand footwear and clothing on the Olympic Games their target was actually the audience.

Analyze the importance of using both above –the- line and below-the line promotion for an effective marketing camping.

Above-the-line promotions are mainly usual advertisements in magazines, newspapers, TV and online advertisements with many famous players. The below-the-line promotion goal is to attract more groups of customers, by connecting with the viewers, combining the traditional media and the use of public channel.

Evaluate the effectiveness of Adidas use social media in its “Take the Stage” camping.

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