Marketing Mix Used by Big Bazaar

6 June 2017

Marketing Mix Used by Big Bazaar 1. ) Pricing: – The pricing objective is to gain the “Maximum Market Share”. Pricing at Big Bazaar is based on the following techniques: a. ) Value Pricing (EDLP- Every Day Low Pricing): – Big Bazaar promises consumers the lowest available price without coupon clipping, waiting for promotions, or comparison shopping. b. ) Promotional Pricing: – Big Bazaar offers financing at low interest rate. The concept of psychological discounting (Rs. 49, Rs. 99, Rs. 99 etc) is also used to attract customers. Big Bazaar also caters on Special Event Pricing (close to Diwali, Durga Pooja). c. ) Differentiating Pricing: – Differentiating pricing i. e. difference in rate based on peak and non-peak hours or days of shopping is also a pricing techniques used in Indian retail, which is aggressively used by Big Bazaar. For example, Wednesday Bazaar. d. ) Bundling: – It refers to selling combo-packs and offering discount to customers. The combo-packs add value to customer and lead to increased sales.

Big Bazaar lays a lot of importance on bundling. Ex: – Good Day family packs at Rs. 60(Price of 1 pack is Rs. 22) 2 kg oil + 5 kg rice + 5 kg sugar for Rs 299 2. ) Place: – The Big Bazaar stores are operational across three formats – Hypermarkets spread over 40000-50000 sq ft, The Express format over 15000-20000 sq ft and the Super Centers set up over 1 Lakhs sq ft. Currently Big Bazaar operates in over 34 cities and towns across India with 116 stores. Apart from the Metros these stores are also doing well in the tier II cities.

Marketing Mix Used by Big Bazaar Essay Example

These stores are normally located in high traffic areas. Big Bazaar aims at starting stores in developing areas to take an early advantage before the real estate value booms. In order to get competitive advantage Big Bazaar has also launched a website (www. futurebazaar. com), which helps customers to orders products online which will be delivered to their doorstep. This helps in saving a lot of time of its customers. 3. ) Promotions: – Big Bazaar is using various promotional schemes which includes: I.

Saal ke sabse saste 3 din II. Hafte ka sabse sasta din “Wednesday Bazaar” III. Future card (3% discount) IV. Shakti card V. Exchange Offers “ Junk swap offer” VI. Brand Endorsement by famous Indian Cricketer M. S. Dhoni and actress Asin VII. Advertisement(using Print as well as Broadcast Media) Big Bazaar has also come up with 3 catchy lines written on hoardings taking on biggies like Westside, Life Style and Shoppers Stop and those are: * Keep West – a side. Make a smart choice! Change your Lifestyle. Make a smart choice! * Shoppers! Stop. Make a smart choice! 4. ) Product: – Big Bazaar generally deals in national level brands like Lee, Levis etc, other than this is also deals in some private label brands DJ&C in apparel, KORIA in electronics etc. Then about the product categories, that are: FMCG, FOOD & NON- FOOD junction, Staple items, fruits & vegetables, fashion & apparels, chill section, home decorator, footwear, book zone, CDs etc.

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