Background Insincere is a natural brand that shares the benefits of nature from the pristine island of Juju allowing for vibrant beauty and pursues an echo-friendly green life to preserve the balance of nature. Insurer’s snail mask, which Is our new product, Is this marketing plan’s character. Snail Mask Is very popular and Its market growth Is stable because snail mask Is very useful to protect and repair the skin. Our target market is the middle class and the reaches of customers are both female and male. Also, age distribution is about 21 50th years old.

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Besides, the competition of the racketing is come from different countries such as Etude house, Nature republic in Korea, Shush immure Shied in Japan and Lana¶me, Estes lauder in America. Therefore, the competition of marketing is extremely competitive. 2. The SOOT analysis Strength: 1) Our product’s formula Is unique – unlike other brands. 2) Use 3 years for research and development this snail mask. 3) The Ingredients of our snail mask are In high quality. 4) Our factory has many large-scale machines – we can have mass production.

Weaknesses: 1 ) The selling price is high as the production cost is high. 2) The package of our snail ask is not attractive. 3) We cannot throw a lot of money and resources of this product as our company has many other skincare products. Opportunities: 1) Rising of South Korean fashion – Hong Kong people are affected by the Korean dramas, pop music and idols. 2) Increase the confidence of buying Korean skincare products – good public reputation 3) Men now pay attention on their images and start to protect their skin by using skincare products. ) Hong Kong women’s purchasing power on skincare products Is high. Threats: 1 ) The rolling rate of currency rate (ARM) – the manufacturing cost become higher and Geiger as our factory Is set In mainland. 2) The weather condition of Hong Kong Is not as dry as South Korea. People may not use our snail mask frequently. 3) The trend of the medical beauty treatment is rising- the traditional masks are not attractive enough. 3. Target of sales revenue& market share First of all, the snail mask is priced at $30 HACK dollars each and anticipated to sell 300,000.

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Therefore; we expected to earn 1. 5 million for sales revenue. It is because the snail maskis new product, we do not expect too much in sales revenue. Also, we expect that the snail mask have 5% in the market share. 4. Describing the promoted product First, Monolinguals, skin whitening and renewing the skin cells are the 3 major factors Filtrate. This ingredient can help to increase the elasticity of skin effectively and revivalist the damaged skin. Also, among all snail masks from other brands in the market, our product contains the highest concentration of Snail Secretion Filtrate.

And we add almond oil and aloe Vera in order to increase the moisture of the mask, add milk for skin whitening. Second, Hong Kong people like product in high quality and effective. Although our snail masks selling price is a bit higher than other rand’s, we can ensure that our ingredients are natural and come from France so that the quality is safe and good. Moreover, for the paper mask, it is specially formulated with AD technology. It provides perfect heritability to the mask and allow the treatment essence quickly sink into the skin. Third, Hong Kong people are very prudent of choosing masks.

Our company is a well-known Korean skincare company and has good reputation. And we also have branches in Hong Kong. In order to gain customers’ trust, they can retrieve their money if the product has any problems. Lastly, the needs of men maintaining their skin are rising. Therefore, our product’s unique formula can be fit both men’s and women’s skin. It is convenient and couples can maintain their skin together by using our mask. 5. The target customer in HACK After our deliberations, we decided that the snail mask only launched in Hong Kong.

One of the reason is Hong Kong is influenced by the South Korean fashion deeply, particularly cosmetic products. People in Hong Kong have a requirement of high quality skin care product . They have confidence of the Korea brand and easy to build brand image and loyalty. Furthermore, no matter male or female, they maintain their kin by using skin care products. So we choose the target customer in Hong Kong as the product is relatively easy to enter the market and help company to earn profit. On the contrary, we do not choose the target customer in China.

It is because we hope the snail can first try the temperature of a smaller market. 6. Promotion tools Advertising Endorser Invite Korean popular idols – Gang Gary and Song J why. They play as Monday couple of running man which is the popular TV program in Korea and Hong Kong. As our product is suitable for both male and female, our promotion firstly focus on couples’ market of Hong Kong. Their couple’s images are suitable for promoting our product. We will ask them to come to Hong Kong to promote the snail mask. Mat Station and Bus stop Set a poster at the light box of mat station and bus stop.

Transportation can easily contact with target market, because there are strong flows of people at each public transport confluence, The probability of contacting target customer will be increase. Backbone Because backbone is the most popular social website in the world, the number of users accounted for 16% of the world, at Hong Kong it has 3. 65 million users. We will can get a trial product of mask free. They can get it from our shop in Mongo Kook . It can increase the chance of contacting target customer and free trial product can make users give us a feedback.

TV advertising It is the most effective idea of advertising, because TV is common in this 21st century, TV is in everywhere. Although using TV adverting is expensive, it can contact with target customer effectively. We will ask our advertising endorser to film an advertisement for our products. Also it must be high frequency of showing at night, it can focus on the couples’ market Youth channel Youth is the most popular video-share website in the world. Every video starts playing on youth, you must watch a small advertisement first, but the time only have fifteen seconds.

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