Marketing Plan Essay Research Paper 5 MarketProduct

9 September 2017

Selling Plan Essay, Research Paper

5. Market-Product Focus

This subdivision explains the seven-year selling and merchandise aims for the town of Berks, Pennsylvania and the mark markets and points of difference.

Selling and Product Aims

Berks & # 8217 ; marketing purpose is to take full advantage of its growing potency. This will be accomplished by constructing stronger relationships with beginnings both within and outside of the community. These are detailed in the four countries below:

& # 183 ; Current Markets. Current markets will be expanded by advancing the goods and services offered by local merchandisers in an effort to make a new degree of consciousness. The occupants of Berks need to be reassured that they are raising their households in an environment that offers a high quality of life and criterion of life. By uniting the reassurance of the occupants with a hightened involvement in community supported concern, both country can boom.

& # 183 ; New Market. By the terminal of the seven-year jutting program, new occupants will be settling in Berks conveying with them purchasing power to back up local concern.

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A chance of raising new household R

esidence by.2 % per twelvemonth over the following 10 old ages and local concern by 2 % per twelvemonth in the same sum of clip.

& # 183 ; New Products. The town of Berks will advance new concerns to turn up here every bit good as promoting growing of bing concerns. By advancing new concerns to settle here Berks will raise the degree of commercialism by Berks occupants every bit good as persons who travel here to purchase these goods and services.

Target Markets

The primary mark market for the town of Berks is households who desire a safe, hometown environment in which to raise households. There is besides the involvement of conveying new concerns into the country.

Points of Interest

The & # 8220 ; points of difference & # 8221 ; -characteristics that make Berks different compared to other communities-may be divided into three of import countries:

& # 183 ; Small hometown feeling

& # 183 ; Safe topographic point to raise a family/crime rates

& # 183 ; Location to Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster, York


Many other communities can offer a strong concern community or a safe topographic point to raise a household. The town of Berks is prepared to offer

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